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OFD State of the Union

In the next week or so One Foot Down will be moving to a new home at SB Nation. When our new site is up and fully operational we will pick up there right where we left off with no interruption in the conversation.

But before we go there are a few things I would like to share with everyone as this chapter in the history of One Foot Down draws to a close and a new chapter begins.

On occasion I like to take a step back and reflect a little bit on how we got here. It has been a while since I last did that. We have come a long way since I wrote the very first post on this blog just shy of 2 1/2 years ago. That first post was awful and thankfully nobody read it. In my defense I was just trying to figure out how Blogger worked!

Like most of the major decisions that I have made in my life, the decision to start One Foot Down was made on a whim. As an avid fan of Notre Dame and college football as a whole I had become a regular reader of many great blogs that I still read to this day. I also had this really bad habit of taking my thoughts about what was happening in South Bend and elsewhere around college football and turning them into these monster emails that I would blast out to a handful of my closest college football fanatic buddies. So one day I just decided to start posting those thoughts in a place where anyone who might be interested could read them. A few days later One Foot Down was born.

I had some grand notions about how much material I might be able to cover in the beginning hence the more generic college football name of "One Foot Down" vice something more Notre Dame specific. But reality quickly set in and as a true Notre Dame fan the focus of the handful of posts that I put together each week took on more and more of an Irish flavor. Soon thereafter Subway Domer most graciously invited me to join the IBG and those IBG posts remain my favorite to write to this day. At the time Subway himself accurately described OFD as "a college football blog with a nice Notre Dame lean." But as I really started to hit my stride the Fighting Irish definitely became the focus of the conversation.

In the beginning I didn't really have any set goals other than to have a place that I could always go to have what I thought of as a never ending conversation about Notre Dame and the greater College Football landscape. The way things have unfolded I think that One Foot Down has ultimately been successful by that metric. No matter the time of day, no matter my location on the planet, if I can get to a computer and get to OFD there is a new post, or a new comment that sucks me in. That remains my favorite thing about this place.

After a year of tinkering around on Blogger I accepted an invitation to join the FanTake network right after the 2009 season. Sailor Ripley, Scipio Tex and all of the other great bloggers here simply put together an environment far too inviting to pass up. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the time here. Being part of the FanTake family has been nothing short of a great experience.

Not long after joining FanTake I also came to the conclusion that if this conversation was really going to ever get kicked up a few notches I was going to need some help, so I started looking for more writers.

Shortly thereafter I found Eric Murtaugh in my comments section, shot him an email and he became a major player in our conversation overnight. Eric, introduced me to Michael Collins who also jumped on board and we were off to the races. I am especially appreciative of those two guys for carrying the load around here while I've been otherwise engaged gallivanting around the world and having some adventures these last few months. I will be back in the mix here full time in a few short weeks.

OFD has also been the beneficiary of some great guest appearances from a couple of coaches that we refer to as "LB Coach" and simply "The Coach." Those two guys have given us some great X's and O's breakdowns in our time at FanTake. And I would be remiss not to mention Pablo and the one and only THE Mouth of the South, or as we've taken to calling him tMoTS. tMoTS has won the internet so many times now I've lost count. We will eventually get him to write more actual posts but I don't want to distract him from his commenting.

I will forever appreciate the contributions that all of those guys have made during our time here. Without them OFD would have likely been a casualty of real life some time ago.

A hearty thanks is also in order for all of our fellow Notre Dame bloggers for all of their assistance, support and camaraderie along the way. At some point I want to tailgate with all of you.

I would also like to thank SBN for the opportunity to join Barking Carnival and the rest of the great writers across the FanTake network on the biggest sports blog platform there is.

Finally a note for all of our readers, from our regulars to the occasional passers by. We are well aware that the time you spend with us is the ultimate reason that we have continued to be upwardly mobile in the blogosphere and it is very much appreciated. I hope that all of you will still be with us as our never ending conversation continues to grow on SBN. We are looking forward to seeing you there!