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Are You as Committed as Eilar Hardy?

Do you ever get worried when the freshmen report for summer camp that there will inevitably be a few who feel out of place and uncomfortable in their new college surroundings?

Do you sweat out the first week or two hoping that there's no bad news coming out of South Bend and that no new players decide to transfer?

Well, I don't think we have to worry about incoming freshman cornerback/safety Eilar Hardy.

Yeah, maybe a small leprechaun or interlocking ND logo on your bicep says you're ready to play for the Fighting Irish.

But once you go full sleeve on one arm with representations of Notre Dame's biggest landmarks, you're probably all in for life.

The chances of Hardy transferring are probably as close to 0% as you can get.

While I do not have any tattoo's myself, and will likely never venture down that road, I like what Hardy did here for a couple reasons.

First, he's from Ohio and decided to tackle the "tainted tattoo" vibe head on.

Not only did he get way sweeter tattoos than Terrelle Pryor, but he also paid for them even more meaning to the awesomeness he just inked on his arms.

Tate Nichols doesn't get jealous, but in lieu of these developments he has decided to make some changes himself.

From now on, Nichols will go through his days as a live representation of the Word of Life mural, including walking around campus with his hands up, blessing the students and faculty, while also having numerous apostles and scholars follow him around in bowed devotion.