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Life is defined by changes, choices and new challenges. Those factors in sports provides those of us who write about it endless copy. Over the last year, we have been blessed to see One Foot Down grow exponentially in readership. I am happy to have contributed to that growth in some way.

Some of the article I have very much enjoyed writing concerned both issues in college football and at Notre Dame as well as those that reflected on individual games and rivalries.

I have had a forum on OFD to post perspective pieces on Ohio State's troubles, Utah vs the BCS, Concussions and Football, and The Coaching Carousel and Racial Matters. My articles on specific issues at Notre Dame have ranged from Scheduling at Notre Dame to Conference Expansion and the Irish as well as to non-football topics like Austin Carr and the contributions of the pioneers in women's sports at Notre Dame to the University.

Whiskey told me to write whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. I did.

I have enjoyed writing historical pieces, too, as on the rivalries with Michigan and USC, the Army-Notre Dame games and the 1925 Rose Bowl with Stanford. Other articles have had to do with how Brian Kelly is remolding the Irish and at different times assessing the progress he has made.

I'm sure you also noticed that recruiting is one of my passions and has been a subject of a number of articles - "We Gonna Be Beast", "Reading the Tea Leaves", "A Recommitment Tale", ND vs Stanford recruiting battles, the commitments of various players and a review of the Irish's 2011 class for a national blog.

Writing the Irish Game Day Guide with changes for each home game brought back weekly a feeling of attending a football weekend. Pregame articles on Navy (on expectations), Stanford and a post-Tulsa game article ("Taking Stock of Notre Dame Football") plus the Irish Blogger Gatherings (IBG) for Boston College and Utah were some of my weekly contributions to OFD.

I am grateful for the platform that OFD has provided me and for the opportunity to write with Whiskey and Eric, to read Coach's expert writings, and to have Mouth of the South contribute to one of my articles. I plan on staying in touch with OFD. Who knows if we will link up again down the road.

Thank you for your reads and your comments, which have contributed to any success we may have had.

Yet changes and choices need to be made sometimes. I look forward to new challenges whatever they may be. Perhaps writing in another corner of the Internet blogosphere. Perhaps just being a fan of the Irish like the rest of you at such an exciting time. Perhaps parachuting.

There's just something about stepping out into space from 5,000 feet with just your skills that is attractive.

Go, Irish!