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An Important Tweet from Notre Dame's EquipmentManager

Cancel your plans for Friday night.

@NDFBEquipmentRyan Grooms

Get ready for Friday night at 8:00 pm...there will be an unveiling from @adidasUS involving Notre Dame

Throwback jersey mania!!!

I'm prepared to be disappointed (not about the design) but by the fact that this unveiling will be controlled by Adidas and not Notre Dame.

I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

Why is it so hard to slap these new uniforms on a few players and take some video and pictures inside Notre Dame Stadium?

I hope the "unveiling" involves some sort of event on campus, and not just "Oh look the new jerseys are available online now."

To the north, it looks like that initial Michigan design may be their actual throwback.


This looks official and notice they've added the number to the front and their national title years on the bottom.

Although I couldn't find a Notre Dame one, there's this:

Does it look like there's stripes on those sleeves? It doesn't appear so to me.

Michigan has announced that they will be having a private unveiling inside the Big House tomorrow night and it will be streamed live on their official website.

Will Notre Dame do the same?

If the Irish are 100% true to the rumored Kuharich throwbacks, we should see a white jersey combined with blue and gold shoulder stripes and blue numbers on the sleeves.

And of course the shamrock on the helmet, and a return to the old gold pants.

We're going to party like it's 1959!!!