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Pryor Era Comes to an End at Ohio State

As many have speculated, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will not be returning to Columbus to play football in 2011.

Already suspended for the first five games this year and with his head coach settling into early retirement, it was just too much for the 6'6" signal caller to endure.

Pryor exits Ohio State with an ego roughly 45 times the size of Jimmy Clausen's and a 31-4 career record as starter that doesn't feel anywhere near as shiny as it looks.

It's too bad all of this had to happened over some tattoos.

Well that and the possible $20,000 to $40,000 Pryor "earned" through signing memorabilia in 2009-10.

Hey, but that kind of stuff happens everywhere right?

I'm sure while Brady Quinn was busy working on his dual degrees in finance and political science, hitting the gym, and studying the playbook, he made some time to rake in thousands of dollars in a sketchy relationship with a booster too.

Anyone want to bet what Pryor is up to in about four or five years?

It's unfortunate that his autograph and memorabilia are going to be seriously devalued in the future. How's a guy supposed to buy new clothes, shoes, and cars, man?

The NFL?

Come on now. Pryor is a freakish athlete, but as a natural passer there are probably 75 other quarterbacks in college at this moment with better skills than him.

Add in Pryor's sense of entitlement and he's destined to learn some hard lessons in the NFL.

But you already knew that.

Did you know that Pryor only threw for 300 yards once in his three year career?

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