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USC Rumored to Wear Black Helmets against UCLA

Yup, there's a rumor swirling around the internets that USC is going to be wearing a black helmet against UCLA when the team's meet on Thanksgiving weekend next fall.

That should excite the players and fan base just in time to play in a prestigious bowl game see what the 2012 spring roster will look like.

The rumor also states that the Trojans will be wearing garnet pants, probably just as bad if not a worse offense, than wearing a black helmet.

Of course many think this is a ploy from Lane Kiffin in an attempt to Oregon-ize the USC program a little bit so that players like DeAnthony Thomas don't jump ship for all that cool swag, bright colors, and other assorted bad-assery that comes with multiple uniform combinations.

There's also a strong chance this actually never happens too.

We at Notre Dame like to talk about having traditional uniforms, but USC has stayed with relatively the same look for much longer than us. Making such drastic changes, if only for one game, will cause a poop storm from many alumni and fans (it already has kind of).

We know all about that.

Anyway, we're supposed to wear something "even Oregon hasn't done" for our night game against said Trojans earlier in the season.

So, we beat you to it Kiffin!

Good luck with this...