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Michael Floyd Arrested on DUI Charge

We're only three days away from the start of spring practice, and the Irish may hit the field without their star wide receiver on Wednesday.

On Sunday morning, wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested on campus for a DUI after apparently getting into a fight or altercation.

So, what's going to happen to Floyd now?

Does he miss spring ball and take some community service and an alcohol class?

Or are we talking missing games too?

In these types of situations I simply don't like to judge people, and really there's going to be plenty of Irish fans steaming angry at Floyd and calling for an excessive punishment here, so there's no use in me piling on.

Does Notre Dame hold itself to a different standard? It most certainly does, but does the school need to make an example out of Floyd in the form of a 4 game suspension to uphold that very standard?

Is it necessary, wise, or prudent to expel Floyd from school?

I think there's going to be a lot of varying opinions on what to do here, but this is a pretty serious predicament for Michael Floyd. I am sure the punishment will be swift and much harsher than your average college athlete in the same situation, but I also tend to side with the "this was a stupid and careless mistake" theory and don't really advocate dropping the guillotine to satisfy some moral outrage from faculty and fans alike.

I'm thinking he's out for the spring and will miss the opener against USF. Does that seem fair?

What do you think?