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2011 Blue-Gold Game to be Aired Live on Versus

Last summer I rolled out a nice long post about the possibilities of some sort of Notre Dame television network being born in the future.

In there, I discussed some of the options the University has to expand its presence throughout the country and in particularly with regards to the football program.

One of the topics discussed in detail was whether Comcast (who just bought NBC Universal) was going to use the channel Versus to promote Notre Dame football or other school sports.

Well, it looks like that is exactly what is happening.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Versus will be airing this spring's Blue-Gold game live as well as featuring three classic Irish games from NBC ('92 Penn State, '93 FSU and '05 USC) in addition to interviews with Brian Kelly and former players.

This is great news, and I hope more of this type of programming is introduced in the coming future. We might be years away from Notre Dame creating its own channel like Texas, but putting a ton of coverage on Versus and other Comcast-owned channels might be a smart and savvy decision by Notre Dame and NBC.

Your thoughts?