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The Quarterback Situation Gets a Little Clearer

The rumors that have been swirling now appear to be true.

Nate Montana will be transferring out of Notre Dame and moving on to Montana.

Also, soon-to-be sophomore quarterback Luke Massa has made the inevitable position switch to wide receiver.

The toilet has been unclogged at quarterback!

Now, only four quarterbacks left which leaves plenty of room for another recruit (or two) in the next cycle.

What are your thoughts on this news?

Nate Montana has had one of the strangest careers you'll ever see, and quite honestly, I'm not sure that he knows what he wants.

It's understandable if he just wants to step on the field and play football somewhere, but at what point does it become ridiculous? I sure hope he plays at Montana because if he doesn't it would be difficult for me if I were in his shoes to walk away (for a second time) from Notre Dame.

Alas, I am not good luck Nate.

Massa to wide receiver always seemed like a good idea, especially once Brian Kelly started saying incoming quarterback Everett Golson would be getting some reps with the first-string offense.

Massa adds much needed size to the receiving corps and is probably a very cerebral athlete with good athleticism. He might not see the field until 2012, but he'll have a better chance to compete for playing time now than he did before at quarterback.

As someone who is rumored to love Notre Dame in all her glory, that's probably all he could ask for.