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Week 10 National Wrap Up- BCS Busters?

This past weekend was so relaxing that I just rolled right into Monday not having written my weekly wrap up. Fail. The Coach was in town for what we called "fake Thanksgiving" this weekend so I figured that was as good of an excuse as any for not carving out a little time on Sunday to bang out a post.

I was still in a food coma! I will stand by for counseling from one Sailor Ripley.

I at least did my homework! The Coach and I did manage to watch you might call a metric ass ton of football games over the weekend. We even tossed in a few high school football documentaries for good measure. This weekend we watched The Last Game and Go Tigers. Both of those were pretty good. If you have any suggestions on others please leave them in the comments. We are on a football documentary kick. Now back on point.

Why is the national media still calling Boise State, TCU and Utah "BCS Busters." If anything they are quickly becoming BCS regulars and from the looks of things that isn’t going to change in the immediate future.

Utah got knocked off by TCU this weekend but both TCU and Boise State look to be locks for the BCS at this point. The only remaining question is whether or not one or both of them will slip into that elusive BCS Championship game. I like TCU’s chances.

Now a quick look back at the week that was.

Georgia Tech 21 Virginia Tech 28

This matchup in Lane Stadium was one of the most entertaining Thursday night games of the season. The Hokies and Jackets traded punches for quite a while but in the end a 90 yard kickoff return for six from the Hokies David Wilson was the difference. Man that kid was moving on that return. Wheels. Serious wheels.

UCF 40 at Houston 33

I bagged on this CUSA title game preview before it was played but it actually turned out to be pseudo entertaining as well. The fact that Houston is still hanging in their conference despite being on QB #3 says a lot for Kevin Sumlin. He might snatch up a bigger job sooner rather than later.

Air Force 42 at Army 22

With a big win over Army the Falcons claimed Commander-in-Chief’s trophy for the first time since 2002. Navy had claimed it every year in between.

Baylor 28 at Oklahoma State 55

Okay so Baylor isn’t quite ready for prime time. With this win and Oklahoma getting upset by TaMU the Cowboys now control their own destiny in the Big 12 South. Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma remain on the Okie Light schedule. This could be a November to remember in Stillwater.

Alabama 21 at LSU 24

This turned out to be a really fun game to watch. My thoughts on Les Miles have completely changed over the course of this season. His coaching acumen, or lack thereof, used to drive me crazy. I have since decided that he is a character so entertaining that I hope he graces the sidelines for many years to come. Just as long as he’s coaching someone else’s team.

Nebraska 31 at Iowa State 31 (OT)

This Iowa State team has snuck up on a couple of people this year. File that away when you are picking the Cyclones in their lower tier bowl game. The Huskers escaped in OT and still control their own destiny in the Big 12 North.

North Carolina 37 at Florida State 35

Wide Right! That never gets old.

Hawaii 7 at Boise State 42

I thought that Hawaii would at least put up a little bit of a fight in this game but in the end they just turned out to be the latest team on the receiving end of a Boise State beat down. Sucks to be McLovin’. At least the Rainbow Warriors got to go drink at Duke’s when they got home. That doesn’t suck.

TCU 47 at Utah 7

The biggest game in Mountain West history turned into yet another beat down on Saturday. At this point I am convinced that TCU can trade punches with anybody. I really think that Utah is a bit of a paper tiger but they will still likely take out some frustrations on my beloved Irish this Saturday in Notre Dame Stadium. Come on Irish!

By the way what was up with those Utah uniforms? I appreciate the gesture but the Army digital camouflage pattern has zero business on a football uniform. Tejas Tech and Maryland both sported similar getups. My vote would be to just put a sticker on your helmets, donate the cash you spent on the uniforms to the Wounded Warrior Project and call it good.

Arkansas 41 at South Carolina 20

This game was pseudo interesting for a little while but I wasn’t too bummed out when I had to turn it off for a while to eat Thanksgiving Dinner on our pretend holiday. I did score some points with the wife for not dragging a TV into the dining room….

Arizona 17 at Stanford 42

I hate to admit it but I really like watching Stanford play football. They have a great QB that executes well. They run the football. And when they need a yard, they line up and get a damn yard. I love that heavy formation with the extra tackle, the tight end and fullback all laying waste to one side of the defensive front. It’s nasty. It’s old school. It’s hardnosed football. It’s everything that Charlie Weis wanted to be and wasn’t. I’m jealous.

What do you think?