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Week 9 National Wrap Up- And Then There Were Five

With Michigan State and Missouri both getting knocked off this weekend there are now only 5 undefeated teams remaining. Oregon and Auburn both appear to control their own destinies while Boise State, TCU and Utah wait in the wings for an opportunity to slip into that elusive BCS Championship Game.

Before we start discussing the future let’s take a quick look at the week that was. This is going to be real quick, I’m still reeling from the Golden Hurricane.

Louisiana Tech 20 at Boise State 49

The Broncos continue to cruise through their heinously weak schedule. Every week I think it is more and more likely that the Broncos are going to slip in there for a title shot.

Florida State 24 at NC State 28

Check out NC State, knocking off the Noles. With the win the Wolfpack find themselves in the thick of the ACC Atlantic race. The ACC. Not good.

West Virginia 13 at UCONN 16

Talk about a conference that is really not good. A Pitt team that went 2-3 in non-conference play is in the driver’s seat. Awesome.

Oklahoma State 24 at Kansas State 14

After picking up a win in Manhattan Okie Light is still in the hunt in the Big 12 South. This coming weekend they have a big game against Baylor. Yeah, you read that right.

Tulsa 28 at Notre Dame 27

Myself and Murtaugh already beat this one up pretty good. Scroll down a post or two if you want jump into that conversation.

Florida 34 at Georgia 31 (OT)

With this win the Gators stay alive in the SEC East. With only two conference games remaining against Vandy and South Carolina the Gators control their own destiny. The South Carolina game in 2 weeks will determine who earns the right to play the Iron Bowl winner for the SEC crown.

Michigan State 6 at Iowa 37

Talk about the wheels coming off. Sparty got run ruled by the Hawkeyes creating a log jam atop the conference with four one loss teams. At this point I think it is safe to say that the Big Ten has essentially been eliminated from BCS Championship contention.

Missouri 17 at Nebraska 31

Watching this game really made me wonder about what the hell was up with Nebraska when they played Texas. The Huskers have a very manageable 4 games remaining (Iowa State, Kansas, TaMU & Colorado) so they could very well be 11-1 heading into the Big 12 title game. Interesting…

Auburn 51 at Ole Miss 31

Auburn continues to put up PlayStation numbers on offense. If they do end up playing Oregon for the title it might end up being the highest scoring BCS Championship game yet.

Baylor 30 at Texas 22

Wow. Never say never, but I really thought it would be a long, long time before the Bears upended the Horns again. The Bears are now in a 3 way tie for 1st place in the Big 12 South with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Madness.

Oregon 53 at USC 32

Oregon’s offense is just plain ridiculous. It is a living clinic on the spread. Unless they get upset this month they will be playing for all the marbles in January.

What do you think?