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Is this the Bottom?

Writing a post moments after an ugly loss is always a dicey proposition. The odds of just writing something resembling a temper tantrum from a 2 year old are high. But I am honestly not that emotional after this one. Sadly what happened in Notre Dame Stadium today has just become far too normal over the course of the last few seasons.

It is no longer shocking in any way.

I will avoid rambling about the Tulsa game or what could just be the worst 7 day period in Notre Dame football history. I do feel compelled to state the obvious and say that taking and end zone shot with your true freshman backup QB vice running another dive play to set up your 18 for 18 field goal kicker at the end of the game defies all logic.

With a Bowl berth of any kind now extremely unlikely, and what seems like every starter on crutches, these next 3 games aren't much more than practice for 2011. The million dollar question now becomes whether or not Brian Kelly can really turn this thing around? Safe to say he is now staring the biggest challenge of his career right in the face. Can he pull it off? What if he can't?