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On A Tragic Note: Our Thoughts and Prayers

We at One Foot Down join the rest of the Notre Dame community in offering our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Declan Sullivan. The tragic accident that occurred yesterday on campus ripples through our community wherever we are.

Declan is remembered by his hallmates in Fisher as: "He's an unbelievably unique soul that, when you meet him, he's completely addicting to be around. He's nonstop energy. He's like no one else you've ever met." Another said: "He is the nicest, most easy-going [person], always has a smile on his face, always wants to have a good time."

In another story, the Observer editorial staff honors Declan's contributions to their Scene section, "Those who knew Declan best remember a driven, passionate young man who always had a smile on his face...He was never afraid to approach an intimidating interview, and he consistently delivered arts and entertainment articles that demonstrated his enthusiasm for music and film while showcasing the personality loved by those closest to him." Declan was double majoring in Marketing and Film, Television and Theatre.

We, too, express our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Declan's family and friends in their time of sorrow.