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Week 8 National Wrap Up- The Curse of #1

The number one ranked team in the land fell for the third consecutive week taking us one step closer to BCS mayhem in early December. This could get really interesting if Auburn and Oregon get knocked off in the coming weeks.

Every week it looks more and more like Boise State and or TCU just might make the cut.

Now for a quick recap of what happened this weekend. It is late and I spent all day at a wedding, so this is going to be fast and furious.

UCLA 13 at Oregon 60

Webfoot U put on a Thursday night show at the expense of Slick Rick and the Bruins.

USF 38 at Cincinnati 30

For a Friday night Big East game this was actually pretty entertaining. Skip Holtz and the Bulls managed to pull out this victory despite being outgained 590 to 378.

Notre Dame 17 at Navy 35

I spent the better part of this afternoon and this evening at a wedding attended by a horde of Boat School grads. They all made sure to tell me that they are now huge Bob Diaco fans. That was a good time. Outside of that the wedding was top notch. The ceremony was on the beach at Coronado Island and the reception was on the deck of the USS Midway. Pretty cool. As for the game itself we already beat it to death. Moving on....

LSU 17 at Auburn 24

The Iron Bowl is looking more interesting every day. After this win Auburn jumped to #1 in the BCS rankings. Damn. Who wants a piece of War Eagle right now? Little Nicky waits….

Wisconsin 31 at Iowa 30

This was a really good football game. It was also one more reminder of just how deadly a true power running game can be. This Big Ten stretch run is going to be interesting.

Nebraska 51 at Oklahoma State 41

The Huskers bounced back by beating Okie Light in a track meet. Black Shirts? Bueller? Their game with Mizzu next week is now very, very interesting.

Alabama 41 at Tennessee 10

Bama isn’t out of this thing quite yet. Again, Little Nicky waits….

North Carolina 10 at Miami 33

Jacory Harris only threw one pick and the Canes rolled. If it wasn’t so late I would look up how many picks he’s thrown in each game. Off the top of my head I think the magic number is 3. When Harris throws 3 or more the Canes lose. When he throws 2 or less they win. The odds on which will happen in a given week are 50/50.

Oklahoma 27 at Missouri 36

I believe it was Beavis that said "The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers." By my own admission I was one of them. Mizzu proved me wrong on Saturday night. Now if they can win in Lincoln next weekend they may run the table and set up a Big 12 title game rematch against an Oklahoma team looking for revenge. Did anyone predict that in the preseason?

Air Force 7 at TCU 38

TCU now has a one game season on Nov 6th vs. Utah. The BCS will be on the line for both teams in that one.

What do you think?