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The Big E College Football Picks: Week Seven

For a second straight week I came away on the positive side of things and am clearly building a lot of momentum as the second half of the college football season begins.

Let’s take a look back at a memorable week six and see where I ended up.


Connecticut and Rutgers took turns looking like quality teams for moments during their game, but the Huskies straight up lost on the road.

Indiana’s offense didn’t show up at all against Ohio State and allowed the Buckeyes to cover the large spread.

Georgia made sure their season will not be as bad as Tennessee’s by completely destroying the Volunteers. Is it worse that Tennessee is really, really bad or that it appears Georgia has been horribly underachieving this year?

North Carolina continues to pull through all of their problems and defended their home turf in a victory over Clemson.

We all know what happened to Alabama by now.

Stanford needed a last second field goal to upend USC, but the Cardinal didn’t cover.

Washington was a slight favorite over Arizona State but lost at home in a tough conference game. It doesn’t look like the Huskies are going to be turning the corner in Jake Locker’s last season.


North Carolina State cruised past Boston College rather easily. Poor BC, you have to wonder if they are looking at their worst season since 1998 when the Eagles went 4-7.

Minnesota didn’t let Wisconsin cover, although that was through no fault of the Badgers who successfully attempted a two-point conversion with a big lead in the second half. What was Wisconsin’s nonsense about some "card" saying you have to go for it? Take the PAT and move on with the game sir.

Illinois went into Happy Valley and just smacked Penn State around for four quarters. I don’t think some want to talk about it, but I don’t think the Nittany Lions have much of a future. I don’t think there is much to get excited about, especially with a weak and thin recruiting class being assembled.

Michigan State made it three straight over big brother Michigan. That had to make a boat load of Irish fans happy.

Arkansas held on and just barely covered the spread against Texas A&M in a game at Cowboys Stadium. Somehow I still have not managed to see any highlights from this game but I have heard that I didn’t miss much.

Oregon State went and upset Arizona, so that’s the last time we’ll see the Wildcats in the top for the next 15 years.

LSU performed an epic comeback and handed Florida their second straight loss of 2010. This was just a great game.

And finally, Florida State officially put Miami in the pretender category with a hardcore spanking of the Hurricanes in front of a rare sellout crowd at Sun Life Stadium. Good times.

Now on to this week’s picks.

Feel free to post your own picks in the comment section. Our own Michael Collins struggled a little bit last week and will be looking to get back on the right track for week seven (Collins: "Yeah but I dominated in week five!"), while I am inching closer to .500 on the season.

My stadium improvement piece from yesterday blew up in the comment section so I’ll have to make these very brief.

Week Six: 8-7

Overall: 28-33

Pittsburgh (-1) at Syracuse

Pick: Pittsburgh

Is Pittsburgh really this bad and Syracuse really that good for the spread to be this close? I know Pitt has struggled this year but they are still far more talented than the Orange.

I’m taking the Panthers as they notch their first Big East win of the season.

Boston College (+21.5) at FSU

Pick: FSU

I think Florida State’s defense is improving and that is bad news for Boston College. The Seminoles are way too balanced on offense for them not to win by a very comfortable margin at home against an Eagle team that will struggle picking up first downs.

FSU, big time.

Illinois (+7) at Michigan State

Pick: Illinois

Was I impressed with the way Illinois slapped around Penn State last week? Maybe a little bit, but I think Michigan State has played too many tough games early and I smell a bit of a letdown game for Sparty.

Michigan State still wins, but it will be close.

Missouri (+3.5) at Texas A&M

Pick: Missouri

I’ve been picking on Missouri as of late because, well they’re undefeated and underdogs against a pretty average Aggie club.

But, I think the Tigers do have enough offensive firepower to take this one by a touchdown or more.

Western Michigan (+24) at Notre Dame

Pick: Western Michigan

The spread is just too big, I’m sorry.

Rudolph is out, Allen is questionable and I’m not sure Notre Dame is just going to automatically score 35 to 40 points. I can definitely see Kelly finally pounding the ball and getting the running game going with Wood, Hughes and a healthy Gray though. That would be nice.

In the end, I’ll be happy to be wrong but I don’t think the Irish cover.

Iowa (-3.5) at Michigan

Pick: Iowa

Will the free-fall now begin for Michigan or will Denard Robinson keep the hope alive with an electric 400 yard performance?

I think Iowa is still a solid football team despite falling back in the shadows after their lost to Arizona and they have a huge advantage on defense. I also like the Hawkeyes ability to stay balanced on offense.

Robinson won’t turn it over as much in crucial situations, but Iowa still wins and covers the spread.

Oklahoma State (+3) at Texas Tech

Pick: Oklahoma State

From what I’ve seen out of these two teams, I think that Oklahoma State is just better. Their not about to win any conferences titles and it is pretty lame that the Cowboys have to be considered one of the top teams in the Big 12, but I think they are in a little higher class in talent and explosiveness than Tech.

Cowboys by a touchdown late.

Texas (+10) at Nebraska

Pick: Texas

I’m becoming a believer with Nebraska (mobile QB’s always make it easier to jump on the bandwagon), but I’m not so sure this game isn’t very, very close.

Nebraska has looked good so far this year, but they haven’t played anyone nearly as talented as Texas. Sure Texas has their own problems, but something inside of me says that the Longhorns might rip the Huskers hearts out yet again.

California (+2.5) at USC

Pick: USC

Even though USC lost last week I think they might have gained a little bit of confidence in playing Stanford down to the wire. I think their psyche has already been shot and the dynasty-type of aura was lost a while ago.

The Trojans are still a good team though and I think they’ll cruise past Cal this week.

Arkansas (+3.5) at Auburn

Pick: Arkansas

I’ve watched Auburn a couple times and I’m still not as impressed as I should be with an undefeated SEC team. The Tigers defense still isn’t that great and I am more than willing to take the points with Mallett on the other side.

Arkansas will trip up Cam Newton and Co. this weekend.

Ohio State (-4) at Wisconsin

Pick: Wisconsin

Some are calling for the Buckeyes to win this one fairly easily, possibly even blow Wisconsin out. I can’t get behind those sentiments.

I still don’t trust Pryor against good teams and he might still be feeling the effects of that thigh injury from two weeks ago. This game will be close and go down to the wire.

Mississippi State (+7.5) at Florida

Pick: Florida

It would be shocking if Florida lost three straight and Urban Meyer’s head might explode if that happens.

But I think Mississippi State is about to be a whipping boy of a pissed off and angry Florida team. The Gators will win by a couple scores.