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A Perfect Day: This Week's Games involving IrishRivals

Have you ever kicked back after a slate of Saturday's football games and said to yourself "Now that was a perfect day!" If the stars and planets align correctly, Irish fans have an opportunity to enjoy a near perfect weekend.

A "Perfect Day" for a Trojan fan would be a USC win coupled with losses by their closest rivals Notre Dame and UCLA. USC's football announcer, Pete Arbogast, who first coined the phrase, has even formed a Perfect Day Club with friends and accompanying celebrations. Think bigger.

The Irish start the alignment when their defense asserts themselves and their offense comes together for a win over Pittsburgh (65 years).

Now the hardest part. Who do you want to win between Jim Harbaugh's Stanford Cardinal (24 years) and Lane Kiffin's Southern Cal Trojans (81 years)? I'll take a whipping of the Trojans with some smashmouth football. Kiffin is annoying - but so is Harbaugh, a true Michigan man. Either way a rival loses (and wins).

We're in a similar situation with Rich Rod's Michigan Wolverines (37 years) against Michigan State's flag-planting Spartans (73 years). I'll take the Spartans' planting Denard in the Big House. Either way we win (and lose). At least, the Spartans stood up to Michigan's attempt at boycotting us and did not duck us all those years.

Purdue (81 years) is a heavy underdog (10 1/2 points) to Northwestern (47 years), who can still claim unbeaten status. We haven't played the Wildcats since 1995. The Wildcats have squeaked out victories against Vanderbilt, Central Michigan and Minnesota. Hoping for a win, I think Purdue doesn't.

Boston College's Eagles (19 years) quarterbacks look forward to another day grounded. This time the North Carolina State Wolfpack's defensive line, which is second in the nation in sacks and eleventh in tackles for losses, should do the job. QB Russell Wilson should vault into the top ten QBs in the nation after this game. BC, too, is a 10 1/2 point underdog. Of regular rivals, only Navy is left.

Navy's Midshipmen (83 years) are favored (5 1/2 points) over Wake Forest. I'll always root for Navy due to our long history, similar academic goals, independent status, and commitment to our country. Navy should leave the Demon Deacons in their wake.

If magic were to happen, the Irish and Navy win. USC, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Purdue and Boston College lose. I'll gladly accept Stanford and Michigan State wins - or get some solace from their losses.

Should Miami lose to Florida State, we may never see another day like it. I'd celebrate a Perfect Day with a touch of Irish whiskey as it will be a great day for the Irish. Then I'll leave this Perfect Day stuff to the Trojans who care about more trivial victories.