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Week 3 National Wrap Up- Shoot Me

"Shoot me." Seconds after Michigan State’s Charlie Gantt caught a pass from holder Aaron Bates and scampered to the endzone for the game winning touchdown that was all that I could think of to say. A short 48 hours later I still feel the same way.

It was a brutal way to end an otherwise mildly interesting day of college football. Needless to say I am ready to put week 3 behind me. In that spirit I will be very succinct in my wrap up this week.

Cincinnati 19 at NC State 30

Like their former coach Cincy is now 1-2. I don’t think anyone is happy on either front.

Kansas 16 at Southern Miss 31

I asked this question last week. "So which Kansas team is the real one? The one that lost to North Dakota State or the one that just upset Georgia Tech?" It would appear to be the former.

Arkansas 31 at Georgia 24

This was actually a great game. The Razorback offense looked pretty solid and I was also impressed with their defensive play. They might actually materialize as a fringe factor in the SEC.

Georgia Tech 30 at North Carolina 24

With this the ACC inches closer to producing a 9 win conference champion.

Florida 31 at Tennessee 17

Florida owned the clock and Tennessee could not establish any semblance of a ground game. When it was over I still felt like Florida should have won this game by a wider margin. Something still doesn’t feel quite right in Gainesville. Despite this the Gators are still 3-0.

Nebraska 56 at Washington 21

I thought Nebraska was impressive on Saturday. Husker QB Taylor Martinez might be the most dynamic QB in the country not named Denard Robinson. The kid looks like he might end up being a very good one. I have to say that it is refreshing seeing the Huskers with a QB that can run again. Texas will have their hands full.

USC 32 at Minnesota 21

USC continues to win in very unimpressive fashion. Minnesota is terrible.

BYU 10 at Florida State 34

This one turned into a bit of a track meet in FSU’s favor but I’ll stick with that 9 win conference champion bit on the ACC.

Clemson 21 at Auburn 24

Clemson dropped this one with a missed field goal in OT. I feel you.

Mississippi State 7 at LSU 29

Hey check it out the LSU Defense showed up. Horn fans breathe a sigh of relief.

Texas 24 at Texas Tech 14

Tubs version 1.0 had the game tied at 14 heading into halftime but got blanked in the second half. I liked this matchup a lot better when it was later in the season. I only watched bits and pieces as I was otherwise engaged with the Fighting Irish but from what I did see it doesn’t appear that the Horns are firing on all cylinders just yet. As Garrett Gilbert continues to gain experience they should pick up steam. That date with Oklahoma on October 2nd is going to be interesting.

Notre Dame 31 at Michigan State 34

Soul crusher. What else can you say? On both sides of the ball the Irish remained inconsistent. At times they looked really good and at times they looked quite bad. The cumulative result was a second consecutive gut wrenching loss. To lose on the last play of the game in OT is always brutal. When said play is a 46 yard fake field goal it escalates to a full blown kick in the junk.

Best wishes to Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio who suffered a mild heart attack just hours after the game.

Wake Forest 24 at Stanford 68

Following the ND loss I sat there like a stunned mullet and watched Stanford proceed to hang 68 on Wake Forest. If you asked me to pick 5 teams that I wouldn’t want to play right now Stanford would be among them. The Trees look very, very good. I don’t feel real good about their trip to South Bend this Saturday.