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The week in news- Shady Coaches, Shady Recruits and Fall Camp

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Fall Camp is sitting on our door step and by this afternoon we will have many things to discuss about the 2010 Fighting Irish.

Before we get to that I wanted to take a moment to talk about the college football stories that I found to be the most interesting in the last week (okay two weeks). In the interest of time I will go rapid fire style this week.

For starters the FanTake home page is now fully operational. After you are done perusing OFD for the day stop by there and see what else is happening on the greater sports landscape.

Nebraska got themselves some motivational wristbands.

Maurice Clarett is back to taking classes at Ohio State. Good for him.

Lane Kiffin got sued by the Tennessee Titans for poaching assistant coach Kenny Pola. Everything about this is comical.

Poor Dick Rod, he just can't catch a break. The NCAA is now all up in his grill for things that happened during his tenure in Morgantown.

Two years ago running back Bryce Brown's recruitment was a circus filled with shady wannabee agents, and a host of other "unusual circumstances." In the end he signed on with Lane Kiffin at Tennessee. In the wake of Kiffin jumping ship to USC Brown has now decided to leave Tennessee. As of now his destination is unknown.

This last recruiting cycle saw pseudo similar circumstances surrounding the recruitment of offensive lineman Seantreal Henderson. After initially signing with USC Henderson bolted after the NCAA dropped the hammer on Troy. He was granted an unconditional release and showed up on the practice field at Miami this week.

The USA Today Coaches' Poll hit the streets and reminded me of all the reasons that I loathe preseason polls. Alabama gets the #1 spot since they won it all last year. Whatever.

For any Notre Dame fans that don't have a subscription to Irish Sports Daily now would be a good time to check it out. Mike Frank is offering a deal to buy one month get 2 months free.

Soon to be All American Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te'o announced this week that he will finish his career at ND without taking a Mormon mission. That works for me.

Notre Dame inked a deal with the University of Texas this week to play four games in 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020. Everything about this is awesome. You can find both our take and the Texas perspective on the series at the links below.

OFD- Notre Dame vs. Texas in 2015

Barking Carnival- Texas to Schedule Home and Home With Notre Dame

Fall camp is upon us. Over the course of the next few days we will be discussing Coach Kelly's kickoff presser, the new depth chart and all other news surrounding fall camp and the upcoming Notre Dame season. Enjoy the weekend. September 4th is right around the corner.