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The Notre Dame Rivalry & Opponent Index (Part 3 of 3)

We've got the bulk of the teams done, but there is one more installment to complete the Notre Dame Rivalry and Opponent Index.

In part two we saw Notre Dame's domination over Minnesota and Alabama in relatively small series', while Syracuse and Tennessee both have tied the Irish overall.

Notre Dame has a sparkling record over Texas in ten overall matchups, just barely a lead over Wisconsin and a very bitterly contested tie with Penn State through 19 games.

For the most part, Notre Dame has dominated Stanford and Indiana, although the latter has not been played regularly since before 1950.

The most shocking team in perhaps the entire Index could be Northwestern who still currently sits at seventh overall in games played against the Irish even though the teams have not played since 1995 and only six times since 1975.

Finishing off part two, were big time rivals Michigan State and Southern California. The Irish have lost far too many games to both clubs in recent years, although they still hold a comfortable winning margin over the Spartans while the once comfortable lead over the Trojans has dwindled to just an eight game edge.

Now here is the final installment. Enjoy everyone.

32. Kansas-5 games

Series Lead: 4-1-1 ND

*Notre Dame lost the first match up 24-5 in 1904.

*The schools played four times in the 1930’s before the series’ last meeting in 1999 when the No. 18 ranked Irish beat Kansas 48-13.

28. Florida State-6 games

Series Lead: 4-2-0 FSU

*Notre Dame has been ranked in only three meetings in the series, while Florida State has been ranked 20th or higher in each contest.

*In one of the NCAA record nine regular season No. 1 versus No. 2 match ups that Notre Dame has participated in, the Irish upset Florida State in 1993 by the score of 31-24.

*The last meeting in the series ended up a 37-0 thrashing by No. 5 Florida State in 2003, which was the second worse loss during the Willingham era.

25. Washington-8 games

Series Lead: 8-0-0 ND

*Irish have outscored Washington in the series by a combined score of 300-105.

*The last six games in the series have all come in the past fifteen years.

*2009’s 37-30 Notre Dame victory was the closest game since 1949 when the Irish beat the Huskies 27-7.

23. Oklahoma-9 games

8-1-0 ND

*Notre Dame’s only loss in the series came in 1956 to the tune of a 40-0 beat down by the No. 2 Sooners, still the worst home loss in Irish history.

*The next season in 1957, the unranked and heavy underdog Irish defeated No. 2 Oklahoma 7-0 in Norman to snap the Sooners NCAA record 47 game winning streak.

21. Illinois-12 games

Series Lead: 11-0-1 ND

*Illinois has only been ranked in two games in the entire series.

*The Irish defeated the Illini in back-to-back years as the No. 1 team in the country in 1943 and 1944.

*The teams have not played since a 58-8 Notre Dame victory in 1968.

18. Nebraska-16 games

First Game: 1915 (20-19 UN Win)

Series Lead: 8-7-1 UN

Since 1950: 3-0-0 UN

Since 1975: 2-0-0 UN

Since 2000: 2-0-0 UN

Home: 3-1-0 ND

Away: 6-4-1 UN

Neutral: 1-0-0 UN

When ND Ranked: 3-2-0 UN

When UN Ranked: 3-0-0 UN

When Both Ranked: 3-0-0 UN

When ND Top Ten: 2-0-0 ND

When UN Top Ten: 3-0-0 UN

Most Points Scored: 44 (1948)

Most Points Given Up: 40 (1973)

Biggest Win: 31-0 (1947) & 44-13 (1948)

Biggest Defeat: 40-6 (1973)

*Rockne’s three losses to Nebraska were the most by any single program. He did manage to beat the Cornhuskers four times during his career as well.

*The 40-6 loss in the 1973 Orange Bowl was the worst defeat during the Parseghian era.

*Schools have only played three times since 1948.

*Nebraska’s 27-24 overtime victory in 2000 while ranked No. 1 in the nation is one of the most devastating losses in recent Irish history.

15. Boston College-19 games

First Game: 1975 (17-3 ND Win)

Series Lead: 10-9-0 ND

Since 1950: 10-9-0 ND

Since 1975: 10-9-0 ND

Since 2000: 6-2-0 BC

Home: 6-5-0 ND

Away: 4-2-0 BC

Neutral: 2-0-0 ND

When ND Ranked: 7-4-0 ND

When BC Ranked: 3-2-0 BC

When Both Ranked: 1-1-0 Tie

When ND Top Ten: 3-3-0 Tie

When BC Top Ten: 1-1-0 Tie

Most Points Scored: 54 (1992)

Most Points Given Up: 41 (1993)

Biggest Win: 54-7 (1992)

Biggest Defeat: 30-11 (1994)

*Notre Dame ranked in only three out of the past nine meetings. Eagles ranked only twice over the past nine meetings.

*Notre Dame has won four straight in the series on two separate occasions, but Boston College won six straight until their 2009 defeat in Notre Dame Stadium.

*A week after defeating No. 1 Florida State, Lou Holtz and undefeated Notre Dame lost to Boston College 41-39 in the last game of the season in 1993. It is still the most painful loss for many Irish fans.

*Holtz’ four wins against the Eagles are the most by any Irish coach. Holtz also holds the record for most points scored, biggest win, most points given up and biggest loss against Boston College.

12. Iowa-24 games

First Game: 1921 (10-7 UI Win)

Series Lead: 13-8-3 ND

Since 1950: 8-5-3 ND

Since 1975: Last Game in 1968

Since 2000: Last Game in 1968

Home: 7-3-2 ND

Away: 6-5-1 ND

When ND Ranked: 11-4-1 ND

When UI Ranked: 3-3-1 Tie

When Both Ranked: 2-2-1 Tie

When ND Top Ten: 11-3-1 ND

When UI Top Ten: 3-0-0 UI

Most Points Scored: 56 (1945 & 1967)

Most Points Given Up: 48 (1956)

Biggest Win: 56-0 (1945)

Biggest Defeat: 48-8 (1956)

*Iowa won first three meetings, followed by Notre Dame going 8-0-3 from 1945 to 1955.

*Iowa’s first victory in the series was the lone loss in the Notre Dame 1921 season.

*Leahy was undefeated against Iowa, going 5-0-3 against the Hawkeyes, while bringing a No. 1 or No. 2 ranking into the games on five occasions.

*The 1953 tie was the lone blemish on Notre Dame’s otherwise perfect year in Leahy’s last year as head coach in South Bend.

*In the last three meetings between the schools, the Parseghian-led Irish outscored the Hawkeyes 135-34 winning each game comfortably.

9. Georgia Tech-34 games

First Game: 1922 (13-3 ND Win)

Series Lead: 27-6-1 ND

Since 1950: 13-4-1 ND

Since 1975: 7-3-1 ND

Since 2000: 1-1-0 Tie

Home: 15-3-0 ND

Away: 12-2-1 ND

Neutral: 1-0-0 GT

When ND Ranked: 13-2-1 ND

When GT Ranked: 3-2-0 ND

When Both Ranked: 3-1-0 ND

When ND Top Ten: 10-1-1 ND

When GT Top Ten: 2-0-0 ND

Most Points Scored: 69 (1977)

Most Points Given Up: 35 (1999)

Biggest Win: 69-14 (1977)

Biggest Defeat: 33-3 (2007)

*Rockne was 7-1 against Georgia Tech but was shutout by the Yellow Jackets 13-0 in 1928.

*Notre Dame is 2-0-1 against Georgia Tech while playing as the No. 1 ranked team.

*November 8th, 1975: The Rudy game.

*The 1999 Gator Bowl loss to Tech is significant in many ways. It is the only neutral site game the teams have played against each other, it is the lone loss in the series while the Irish were ranked in the top ten, it is the lone loss while both teams are ranked, and it was the most points given up by Notre Dame in the series history.

6. Army-49 games

First Game: 1913 (35-13 ND Win)

Series Lead: 37-8-4 ND

Since 1950: 14-1-0 ND

Since 1975: 7-0-0 ND

Since 2000: 1-0-0 ND

Home: 8-1-0 ND

Away: 7-2-1 ND

Neutral: 22-5-3 ND

When ND Ranked: 19-3-2 ND

When USMA Ranked: 5-3-2 ND

When Both Ranked: 4-3-2 ND

When ND Top Ten: 13-3-2 ND

When USMA Top Ten: 3-3-1 Tie

Most Points Scored: 62 (1973)

Most Points Given Up: 59 (1944)

Biggest Win: 62-3 (1973)

Biggest Defeat: 59-0 (1944)

*From 1923 to 1946, this rivalry was played at a neutral field, including 21 times at Yankee Stadium.

*Notre Dame’s 35-13 victory in 1913 over Army was the school’s first major upset and put the program on the map as a serious contender in college football.

*1928 upset victory over Army was the "Win One for the Gipper" game in which the Irish were devastated with injuries and struggling all season long. Notre Dame lost their last two games, but this win kept Rockne from ever having a losing record in a season.

*Last victory for Army in the series was in 1958 when they took their No. 3 ranking and beat the No. 4 ranked Irish 14-2 inside Notre Dame Stadium.

*Army’s 59-0 pounding of Notre Dame in 1944 is still the worst defeat in school history for the Fighting Irish.

*No. 1 Army again pounded No. 2 Notre Dame 48-0 in 1945 at Yankee Stadium. The teams met the next year in the Bronx with the same rankings and playing to a 0-0 tie in another "Game of the Century."

*Notre Dame beat Army in 1943 and 1947 by a combined score of 53-7, with the Irish being No. 1 in both games.

*Army has been shutout against Notre Dame in six of the last 13 meetings.

2. Purdue-81 games

First Game: 1896 (28-22 PU Win)

Series Lead: 53-26-2 ND

Since 1950: 38-22-0 ND

Since 1975: 26-9-0 ND

Since 2000: 7-3-0 ND

Home: 27-11-0 ND

Away: 26-14-2 ND

Neutral: 1-0-0 PU

When ND Ranked: 32-16-0 ND

When PU Ranked: 10-5-0 PU

When Both Ranked: 8-4-0 PU

When ND Top 10: 22-10-0 ND

When PU Top 10: 3-3-0 Tie

Most Points Scored: 52 (1983 & 1988)

Most Points Given Up: 51 (1960)

Biggest Win: 48-0 (1970 & 1992)

Biggest Defeat: 36-0 (1904)

*Rockne 6-0 against Purdue

*In 1950, No. 1 Irish lose to unranked Purdue 28-14 on the way to a disappointing 4-4-1 season.

*From 1954 to 1969, Notre Dame lost 11 out of 16 to Purdue, including three straight defeats at the beginning and ending of the 1960’s.

*1968: No. 1 Purdue defeats No. 2 Notre Dame 37-22.

*Holtz a perfect 11-0 against Purdue.

*Since 1986, Purdue is only 5-19 against Notre Dame.

1. Navy-83 games

First Game: 1927 (19-6 ND Win)

Series Lead: 71-11-1 ND

Since 1950: 52-7-0 ND

Since 1975: 33-2-0 ND

Since 2000: 8-2-0 ND

Home: 26-5-0 ND

Neutral: 45-6-1 ND

When ND Ranked: 48-4-1 ND

When USNA Ranked: 7-4-1 ND

When Both Ranked: 6-2-1 ND

When ND Top Ten: 32-2-1 Notre Dame

When USNA Top Ten: 3-3-1 Tie

Most Points Scored: 58 (1993 & 1994)

Most Points Given Up: 46 (2007)

Biggest Win: 56-7 (1970)

Biggest Defeat: 33-7 (1956)

*Rockne 4-0, Leahy 11-0, Parseghian 11-0, Devine 6-0, Faust 5-0, Holtz 11-0, Davie 5-0 and Willingham 3-0, all undefeated against Navy.

*Weis, Layden, Kuharich and Brennan all lost to Navy twice.

*Navy’s 2007 victory in the series snapped an NCAA-record 43 game winning streak for Notre Dame.

*Navy has not been ranked coming into a game against Notre Dame since a 1978 match up in Cleveland that saw the 15th ranked Irish beat the 11th ranked Middies 27-7.

*Notre Dame’s four losses while ranked came in 1936, 1944, 1957 and 2009. Navy won the contests in 1936 and 2009 while not being ranked.

*Navy has won the last two out of three meetings. The Middies best streak came from 1956 to 1963 when they won five out of eight meetings.