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The week in news- Trojan Tailspin, Red Out and Irish Tidbits

Welcome to another edition of TWIN. In the midst of what is beginning to feel like a never ending series of trips to Lowes these are the college football stories that I found the most interesting this week.

For starters bookmark the FanTake home page. It will provide you with a great resource to keep an eye on the greater college football landscape. The home page has all the latest stories from around the network and links to all of our sister sites that focus on other programs.

Things at USC are going from bad to worse in a hurry.

Lane Kiffin granted uber recruit Seantreal Henderson a release this week and several other current players are transferring to other programs. DE Malik Jackson, LB Jarvis Jones, LB Jordan Campbell and QB Aaron Corp are all out the door with several other players, to include QB Mitch Mustain, rumored to also be looking for new homes. The Trojans could end up razor thin at some key positions to include Linebacker and Quarterback. HLS has a great summary of USC transfer mania.

Trojan AD Mike Garrett had to dole out some apologies to other schools this week for bogus allegations of tampering with Trojan RB Dillon Baxter. Baxter has since recanted his previous claims. I still can't believe Garrett has not been relieved of his duties yet.

The final shot across the bow for the Trojans came in the form of the announcement that USC will not be included in the 2010 Coaches Poll. It will be interesting to see how this might affect Trojan opponents.

A Nebraska website surfaced this week with a video aimed at firing up Husker fans for the Texas game on October 16th. While the video is probably just a wee bit on the early side I have to say I definitely have that game circled on the calendar. It has the potential to be a great one. For a Texas perspective on the matchup Scipio Tex over at Barking Carnival has a great take on it.

Have you been dying to see a movie all about how Nick Saban is awesome? In a few weeks you will be able to. The film Nick Saban: Gamechanger will debut August 24th.

On the Irish front long time Notre Dame assistant Tom Pagna passed away this week. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Mark May predicted that ND will win 10 games this year during the "Bold Predictions" segment on College Football Live. I think I liked it better when he just hated ND. That was a lot more fun. What are he and Holtz going to argue about now?

Speaking of the media and Notre Dame Football, media access to practice will be restricted this season. The highlights from the full report on Blue& are below.

• Practice reports will not be allowed.
• Media may attend the full practice on Wednesday but not report on any of the happenings. Any violation of the no-reporting policy will result in the lack of practice access for all media.
• Internet cameras are no longer permitted into practice.

This means I will save the 10 minutes a day during the season that I used to spend watching cone drills.

The Wu Am I series continues over on Subway Domer. I always enjoy Subway’s take on what he sees as the 36 impact players on the roster.

Keith Arnold has a great interview with new Irish starting QB Dayne Crist this week that is worth checking out. In other Crist news soon to be All American ND Tight End Kyle Rudolph tweeted about his new signal caller this week.

@dcrist10 was killin' it at 7 on 7 today. Offense was looking good. Can't wait for Sept. 4th.

Sounds good to me.

Lost Lettermen graded all 22 new FBS coaching hires. Notre Dame received the highest mark with an A+ for the hiring of Brian Kelly.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.