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The week in news- More Trojan Drama, Pirate Tales and a Bronze Teebus

I have 24 hours until the movers show up and about 23 hours worth of work left to do on this place before they get there. Welcome to a lightning round version of the week in news!

Uber-recruit Seantreal Henderson wants out of this commitment to USC. Apparently Kiffin couldn’t get Snoop to hook Henderson’s Dad up with that record deal in the wake of their NCAA sanctions.

In another shocking development Trojan Running Backs Coach Todd McNair is no longer on Kiffin’s staff.

Pete Carroll was in L.A. this week preaching the gospel of "win forever" and took a minute to rip the NCAA for their inability to understand what the Trojan football program was all about under his watch. Sneaky Pete makes it sound like practice was only open so that players could talk to orphans, feed the homeless, find homes for stray dogs and give hugs to the disabled.

The Dread Pirate Mike Leach took some time out of his hectic beach bum schedule this week to talk about what he’s up to. Leach says he is optimistic about being back on the sideline in 2011 and has a book coming out in January. That should be entertaining. He also went on to say that when he gets bored he sits on the beach with a sharpie and "decorates" a stack of Kent Hance 8x10 head shots.

Leach’s replacement in Raiderland, Tommy Tuberville, rocked the boat this week by saying that he doesn’t think the Big 12-2 is going to last very long. Gutsy move for a guy that has yet to coach a game in said league. Sailor Ripley has an entertaining take on Tubs comments.

In pseudo related news Tom Osborne talked to Jim Rome this week about Nebraska’s decision to jump ship to the Big Ten. Better Off Red has the details.

Here is the latest bit on which college football programs generated the highest gross revenue during the 2008-09 school year. Texas is still king at $87.5 million. Notre Dame rounds out the Top 10 at $56.92 million.

ESPN did the smartest thing they have done in quite some time and re-inked commentator Ron Franklin to a new two year deal.

Over on Dr. Saturday Holly Anderson has a very entertaining piece on some of the potential issues surrounding the building of a Tim Tebow statue.

Let's see. "Is it creepy to build a statue of a kid barely out of college?" Or, "Will the statue be crying, and will its metal tears confuse potential pilgrims seeking miracles?"

Poor Teebus will never live that down.

Oh yeah, Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick also acknowledged something that we all know already. Realignment isn’t over.

Is it September 4th yet? Have a great 4th of July!