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USC Infractions Report Will Not Be Released Today

Late last night the WWL reported that the NCAA Committee on Infractions report will not be released today as they previously reported.

USC will apparently have to wait until at least next week to learn the outcome of an NCAA investigation into the school's football and basketball programs.

The NCAA committee on infractions report will not be released on Friday., citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reported earlier this week that the report would be delivered on that day.

So much for a potentially lively discussion today. This latest report is based on comments from the USC vice president of media relations. Whatever. At this point I will go into what some call stand by to stand by mode until the thing actually hits the street.

In other related news the Heisman Trust announced that they would indeed review Reggie Bush's award if he is ruled retroactively ineligible.

The president of the Heisman Trophy Trust said Thursday that if former USC Trojans running back and Heisman winner Reggie Bush were to be ruled retroactively ineligible by the NCAA, a review of Bush's award could commence as early as Tuesday.

Vince Young should have won it in the first place. If they do take it from Reggie and give it to Vince how will that work? Does Reggie just box it up and send it to him UPS?

Enjoy the weekend.