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The week in news- Reggie's Bail, Sweet Lids and Game Day

A few quick bitters here on the front side of a busy weekend that will play host to both the NFL draft and the Blue-Gold Game at Notre Dame.

Reggie Bush posted bail or whatever you want to call it. Short version he paid off his 2nd wannabee sports marketer, Lloyd Lake, vice giving a deposition. Nothing about this is surprising at this point but things like this have a way of catching up with you eventually. Just ask Tiger. You can buy the silence of a few but eventually someone else in the know Gets disgruntled, decides to sing and that's that. Eventually some ex girlfriend, former teammate or whatever will tell us all about Reggie. He will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. Bank it.

These completely heinous North Carolina helmets (pictured above) surfaced this week. While I consider UNC a basketball school I will say that I always thought Carolina Blue was one of those colors you just don't mess with. TCU sporting crazy lids, got it. They did after all once turn us on to a device known as the "Wacker Clacker." But Carolina wearing these....Really?

There are about 10,000 stories kicking around out there about all of the possible conference expansion scenarios due to the BCS meetings that are going on between the conference commissioners. Whatever. Once someone officially starts expanding then we'll watch the ripple effect. While it may be very interesting I think it is also pretty much impossible to predict.

A few things of note at Notre Dame and one of them has to do with North Carolina. Coach Kelly picked up a commitment from CB Matthias Farley. Hopefully we will see another commitment or two over the weekend.

The Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game will be played on Saturday afternoon. You can watch it live on at 1:30 EST. While I don't expect the game to reveal much of anything I am excited to see something resembling a game day in April.

We will look to get posts up this weekend about the NFL Draft and the Blue-Gold game. LB Coach and I are also working up our spring review of the position groups so that we can all discuss how the roster is going to look heading into fall camp. See you soon.