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Dave Wannstedt Won't Leave Me Alone

I bought Pitt season tickets in 2009 and now Dave Wannstedt and Steve Pederson won’t leave me alone.

Maybe the Stache will be off the hook for cheesy mailers now that he got a new contract. I have to give them credit for the stuff they mail me though. It is pretty entertaining.

The one thing I found the most curious about this mailing is that they listed "Win a BCS Bowl game" as one of the goals for the season. Why not go all the way with it and just say Win a BCS Championship?

I think I know the answer.

For those of you wondering why I bought season tickets to Pitt in the fist place it is simple. That was the easiest and cheapest way to get tickets to the Notre Dame game against Pitt at Heinz Field. I got two season tix for $85 a pop. That’s like free. I gave the Pitt vs. Navy tix to OFD frequent commenter, and renowned bad ass, usmc 53, and then donated the rest to these people.

Everybody wins. Except ND of course. That was a frustrating game, but at least Golden took a punt to the house. That was awesome.

After living in Southern California and Arizona for the last several years I spent this year in exile in the D.C. metro area which isn’t really my thing. I’m kind of a Southwest type of guy. If you don’t have a decent Mexican restaurant on every corner, I probably don’t want to live there. I consider jam up breakfast burritos to be the cornerstone of any proper diet. I was able to take advantage of getting out to watch some college football though. I went to Blacksburg to watch the Hokies host Nebraska with my favorite brother-in-law the Deer Hunter.

He’s a psycho Hokie fan and generally a great guy to tailgate and watch college football with. The game was pretty good too! He and I ventured back to Lane Stadium one more time to scout BC on a weekend that ND was idle. We took the wives that time which was a lot less fun. She never reads this so I can say that.

I also made it back to South Bend for BC then finished up by catching the Irish on the road at Pitt. I didn’t do any bowl games this year which was the first time in a few years that I didn’t go to at least one bowl game. I gave my Fiesta Bowl tickets away but that is really only because I didn’t want to travel all the way back to Phoenix for Boise and TCU on a Monday. Thankfully I’ll be moving back to Southern California this summer so I am back to scheming for the 2010 season. I will likely try and get back to South Bend for a home game and perhaps work on tix to catch ND at USC although I really didn’t enjoy my last trip to the Coliseum too much!

At least I can get back to the Holiday Bowl this year. That is always one of my favorite bowl games. Then I’ll head back to Phoenix for the Fiesta and the BCS Championship which I am pretty fired up about. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and the Irish will end up in the Fiesta Bowl. I just caught myself pulling a Wannastache. Damn…..