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The week in news- Schedules, Bad Guys and Irish Spring

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With spring practice kicking off in South Bend tomorrow there is a lot of ground we will need to cover in the next few days. As a result we are going with the quick and dirty version of TWIN this week. Hang on….

Looking for some good schedules for the 2010 college football season? These are pretty sweet.

The guys over at Pokelahoma think that Dez Bryant is dropping like a rock in the draft. Could be. Deion Sanders is suspect.

Last week I mentioned that the Mike Leach legal team was feeling pretty good about their lawsuit against Texas Tech following a round of depositions. This is why. The very short version is that Craig James hired a P.R. firm to manipulate messages to the media about Leach and to release the "closet video" that his son Adam James made with his cell phone. Adam James also admitted under oath that he was never told to go into the electrical closet where he shot said video. Busted. Leach will get paid, Tubs will keep the Raiders rolling and half the Pony Express and his kid are infamous. Everybody wins.

Tim Tebow had a rough week. First reports hit that he got a dose of being told to STFU which is difficult for any child prodigy entering the real world. Then a couple of days later this episode where Urban Meyer went after Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler hit the wire. The reason? Some ridiculous fallout from a quote Fowler printed of Gator wide receiver Deonte Thompson calling new quarterback John Brantley a "real quarterback." Only in the case of Tim Tebow could a compliment about another player be construed as a slight against him then spiral into ludicrous levels of drama with Urban Meyer and subsequently the national media. I can’t believe I just wasted this many lines on it. Barking Carnival has the details and there is also a retort from Fowler himself. Meyer’s freak out video is at both links.

The Fiesta Bowl wants $600 million back from the city of Glendale for some taxes on ticket sales. It isn't cheap to roll that grass playing surface in and out of the stadium. Strangely when I was on the phone with a Fiesta Bowl rep this afternoon paying for my tickets to the 2011 game the guy seemed unusually eager to get my credit card info. The taxes are your problem just send me my tickets!

On to South Bend.

Coach Kelly landed his first commit to the class of 2011 last weekend with big defensive end Brad Carrico. The best part is that Carrico is already chipping in to try and recruit his teammates. I love players like that.

Brian Kelly and his staff are utilizing some pretty interesting technology to track recruits, evaluate film and do a host of other things. ISD has the details on the XOS Recruiting and Scouting Network.

For the second straight week the Notre Dame Power Hour featured former ND Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Bob Chmiel. If you are lacking reasons to be excited about the 2010 Fighting Irish as we enter the Brian Kelly era I highly recommend you check it out. Coach Chmiel is dealing shot glasses of hot logic and cold Kool-Aid across the bar like it is his job. You will love it.

The Irish start spring football practice tomorrow so there should be plenty of pressers, interviews and 5 minute bag drill videos for us to have more than enough to talk about over the course of the next month. I’m ready. LB Coach will also be rolling out the final installments of his series on Notre Dame's conversion to the 3-4. Thanks for stopping by.