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The week in news- Bowl Bust, Anti Piracy and Barnstorming FedEx

Welcome to what I like to call "The Week In News" a.k.a. TWIN. At the end of each week I make an effort to throw my two cents in on the most interesting college football stories that I saw during the week and had yet to make a full fledged post on. Without further adieu…

It was a great first week for One Foot Down here on the FanTake network.

Almost seven days in and I’m pseudo functional on the technical side of it and I have really enjoyed mixing it up with all of the other great sites on the network. I might get more posting done if the 857 dudes that write for Barking Carnival would churn out a little less stuff for me to read. I suppose I will have to crack the code on that here before too long. Now back to college football news.

New York has officially announced the Pinstripe Bowl as Bowl Game number 35. Not to fear number 36 and 37 are also in the chute. Those two would be a cancer themed "Cure Bowl" in Orlando (think pink) and "The Dallas Football Classic" a.k.a. an excuse to play a bowl game back at the Cotton Bowl stadium after the Cotton Bowl game bolted for Jerry’s house.

Dr. Saturday has more details and I appreciate him already doing the following math. 37 Bowl Games will require 74 bowl eligible teams and in 2009 there were only 71. So if you think there are too many Bowl Games you just might be in luck because if they can’t scrounge up enough teams to fill all all of the bids next season one has to figure that will be the beginning of the end for a few of these thrilling contests. I will be interested to see how exactly this whole scenario plays out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bowl season and I honestly try to watch every damn bowl game but if the International Bowl disappeared I would probably be cool with it.

Boom is back in business on the recruiting trail. I still think that everything about this rule is off the charts ridiculous. Seriously.

The Dread Pirate Mike Leach is on pace to get more press than any other fired coach in college football history. Now that he’s living down in Key West I thought he might actually just lay low and spend the year cruising around on roller blades while sporting varying degrees of unitards and body paint. I still think someone needs to have a camera on the guy 24/7 during Fantasy Fest.

That said Leach might be wishing someone didn’t have a camera on him about now. Yesterday Orangebloods published a couple of videos of the Pirate going off in the locker room. If those don't jump out at you Sailor Ripley made it even easier for you HERE.

I almost wonder if the Tech admin leaked these in an effort to further vilify the Pirate to help their ongoing legal battle. I wouldn’t put it past them. The timing might be coincidental but the Pirate is still fighting back. The Leach legal team has subpoenaed the records of Tommy Tuberville’s kids from Frenship School district, presumably in an effort to prove that Tubs was moving in before Leach had even been fired.

As far as the videos I could care less. Last time I checked, that sort of talk goes on in locker rooms. I suppose that it is lesson number 1 billion on being careful what you videotape and or take pictures of these days. The evil Internet will get you! As for the lawyers looking at the records of Tubs kids I don’t really care about that either. What do they have to hide a couple of detention slips? That seems like a slam dunk victory for Tech’s anti Piracy PR campaign unless of course…they did do something shady. Hmmm…

I will openly admit to having watched Barry Sanders Junior’s highlights on YouTube on more than one occasion. I’m thinking the kid would look extra money in a gold helmet but just assumed that T.Boone and Gundy had that one in the bag. That may not be the case but it isn't because Mack Brown, Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer are offering up better deals. The gents over at Pokelahoma seem to think the kid might end up playing baseball instead. Say what?

When your Athletic Director is making statements assuring everyone that your job is still secure that means it really isn’t. This is the AD equivalent of calmly telling a person that is on fire to stop, drop and roll. I'm guessing that Rich Rodriguez probably knows that.

The Quarterback Wonderlic scores leaked this week and Jimmy Clausen busted out a 23, just edging Tim Tebow who scored a 22. Scipio Tex broke it all down on Barking Carnival and I have to say that Sam Bradford’s 36 was strong. I wonder if The Boz called him up and chastised him for being smart and going to class? "Dude you ain’t gonna score hot broads or make no bad ass movies like Stone Cold if people know you can read books and stuff." As a side note I always thought the opening sequence of that movie was probably filmed at the Boz's apartment during his OU playing days. Cool flick though. "Imagine the future Chains, cause you're not in it!" That was random. I should probably see somebody.

Did you catch Subway Domer’s most recent dissection of the Notre Dame roster? If not go check it out HERE. Good stuff.

This week Notre Dame announced that they will play Maryland at FedEx Field in 2011. As far as the "Barnstorming" games go I’m okay with this one. I just wish it had been this year while I was actually living in the greater D.C. area. Jack Swarbrick stop messing with me!

Speaking of Mr. Swarbrick and his comments this week about Notre Dame joining a conference I did manage to throw my two cents in on that this week. You can either scroll down a post or hit it HERE.

I’m now off to indoctrinate my 2 year old son by making him watch DVD’s of old Notre Dame Games. He loves it, he just doesn’t know it yet. Enjoy the weekend!