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Welcome to One Foot Down. I am now officially part of the FanTake network. After holding out on Sailor Ripley Michael Crabtree style, I have finally succumbed to his overtures and jumped on board for the big win.

Now I just need to get my agent to make sure he gets some stock options in my contract so that when this whole FanTake thing takes over the world I can be sure to reap the benefits. All jokes aside, I am very happy to be here and I hope that I can live up to the level of greatness that has already been established on the network. Since this is my first post following the move I figure I should probably update my regular visitors and throw in a little introduction for the newcomers.

For those of you that stop by regularly how do you like the new digs? All of you regular OFD commenters should find the FanTake setup a little more user friendly. You can register for a login if you would like to automatically have your handle show up when you throw your two cents in. I expect we’ll see a bit more traffic now that OFD had jumped over to the bigs and I’m looking forward to watching guys like Longhorn Mike, Dimes and usmc 53 mix it up with our soon to be new friends.

For the newcomers you are probably wondering why the hell this blog is called "One Foot Down" with the "All Things College Football Tagline" and nothing but Notre Dame pics the header. The short answer is because I want it that way. The long answer will give you a little more insight into what you can expect to see around here.

I grew up in West Texas the son of a Texas High School football coach. My Dad also happened to be a 2nd generation Notre Dame Subway Alumni that grew up on Lindsey Nelson replays. When I was a little kid the old man a.k.a. "The Coach" worked on Saturdays breaking down film from Friday Night and game planning for the next week. When ND was on TV he would task me with giving him a full report when he got home. Long before VCRs I would take copious series by series notes on a Big Chief tablet and provide the guy with a full breakdown when he got home. In addition to tracking the Irish we also watched every SWC and Big 8 game that came on. That's what was on in West Texas.

It was also fairly common for The Coach to have former players on the field in those SWC games. The Coach had some good teams back in the 80’s and as a result I had the privilege of regularly answering my home phone and saying "yes sir, I’ll get him" to a slew of college coaches that were looking for the old man to talk about one of his players. I also got to tag along for the occasional in home visit and more than a few chicken fried steak dinners with my Dad and some of those coaches. More on those stories another day.

The cumulative result of all those years immersed in college football recruiting as a child sidekick was that I ended up a grown man with a pretty serious college football habit. When I’m not otherwise occupied with everyday life I’m knee deep in some college football 12 months a year. It is really my only hobby at this point. During the season I’m that guy that has a ridiculous 3 TV system going on Saturdays and tries to watch every game that comes on. Once the Irish kick off I generally tend to hone in on that one and forget about everyone else for a few hours but I do make an honest effort to keep an eye on everybody.

A little over a year ago I started blogging my two cents on all of it and here we are. You can generally expect that One Foot Down will deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% Notre Dame Football posts and 40% on everyone else. That is an approximation at best and it may ebb more towards ND now that I’m on FanTake where I can just comment on posts from all the great bloggers here that cover other teams. Regardless of how it shakes out I hope you find OFD worthy of spending a few minutes of your day here from time to time and join in the discussion. I’m looking forward to it.