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Notre Dame Football: Images of the Decade (2000-2009)

Nice work by JB5GoIrish on this video. It was a rough decade for the Notre Dame faithful but there were still a lot of good memories in there.

I enjoyed this video to the point that I just watched it three consecutive times so I figured I would get the word out. It is definitely worth a quick look back at the last ten years as we prepare for the next chapter of Notre Dame Football. Here is to hoping the 2020 version of this video has less coaches and a crystal football or two!

Who was your favorite player of the decade? I think I have to go with Brady Quinn. The 05' and 06' seasons were my favorites of the decade and he was at the controls. If you feel so inclined leave your choice in the comments. Enjoy the video and thanks again to JB5GoIrish for putting it together. I hope you become a YouTube legend.