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The Army-Navy Experience

I had the opportunity to attend the 110th meeting between Army and Navy in Philadelphia yesterday and have to say that it was a great time. Both as a huge college football fan and as an American it was a game that I definitely wanted to attend at least once in my lifetime. I am very glad that I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to do so yesterday. For starters I'll say kudos to the city of Philadelphia. I hadn't been there in about 11 years but they really did a nice job with the way they built Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park on the same complex with the spectrum. It was relatively easy to get in and out and there was plenty of parking. As for the game itself we had great seats which is always a bonus and the pregame show was great. Both services were represented in a parachute jump onto the field, there was an MV-22B Osprey flyover and a pregame "exchange of prisoners" between the two academies. All of it made for a pretty good show. The coin flip was a veritable who's who from the DOD and the teams took the field ready to get after it (video above). The Cadets and Midshipmen all represented themselves well both on the field and in the stands. The two teams had one another stymied in the 1st half but Navy scored 17 unanswered in the 2nd half to win 17-3. The Navy fans around me were every bit as friendly and knowledgeable as I have found them to be in the past and they were definitely into it. I have to admit that at a few different points yesterday I did think "how did Notre Dame manage to lose to these guys?" I suppose that's neither here nor there at this point. It was a great time and a tip of the cap to Navy for running their win streak against Army to 8 consecutive games. If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Army-Navy Game I highly recommend it.