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Week 10 Preview- Who's Next?

Heading into the final weeks of the regular season the BCS standings are shaping up and every major college football website out there is posting bowl predictions. As you well know someone is most likely going to slip up and at the rate things are going it is highly likely that we are going to end up with some BCS matchups that nobody predicted before the season started. So who’s next? Here’s the rapid fire version on the games I’m most interested in this week.

Thursday 5 November
Virginia Tech at East Carolina
- The Hokies will get back on track at the expense of Skip Holtz and the Pirates but the Pirates will go down swinging.

Friday 6 November
Boise State at Louisiana Tech
- Any chance Boise blows it the same week they hired a PR firm to promote them for the BCS? Probably not, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Saturday 7 November
Navy at Notre Dame- This is one of my favorite Notre Dame games every year. I really enjoy Navy football, no one does more with less than they do. Nobody. They will flat mix it up with any team in the country on any given Saturday and you are going to have to earn it to beat them. They also have a tremendous fan base. I always enjoy spending time with them. That said I think this Irish team is due for a comfortable win in this series. There are a lot of kids on the ND roster that were on the sidelines when Navy broke the streak in 2007 and gave them a scare at the end of the game last year with a flurry of onside kicks. With Floyd back in the lineup I think the Irish offense will have a very good day, and I think the defense will play well against the Navy triple option. That said the offense will get a reduced number of possessions so it won’t be a blowout but I don’t expect it to go down to the wire either. I like the Irish by 10. I'll expound upon that in this week's IBG.

LSU at Alabama- This one is interesting. Both teams play great defense and have a pretty vanilla offensive attack. I personally think LSU has looked a little vulnerable at times this year and it will catch up to them on Saturday.

Ohio State at Penn State- A Penn State win and Iowa is almost a lock for the Rose Bowl. An Ohio State win and the Buckeyes still control their own destiny. These teams are pretty evenly matched with one exception. Terrelle Pryor is suspect. As a result advantage Penn State in a close one.

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech- Can Paul Johnson keep it rolling all the way to the ACC Championship? I think so. These guys are basically Navy with much better athletes. Shutting them down is much easier said than done and I don’t think Wake has the athletes on defense to do it.

Oregon at Stanford- This one has let down written all over it for Oregon. Chip Kelly better be pulling out all the stops this week to get the Ducks back down to planet earth after knocking off USC or they might run into trouble on Saturday. Stanford is a pretty solid team with nothing to lose and everything to gain in this one. I won’t be at all surprised if this one is really close or ends in a Stanford upset.

Houston at Tulsa- Tulsa is coming off of three consecutive losses the first of which was a 28-21 defeat at the hands of Boise State. They followed that up with a 28-24 loss to UTEP who beat Houston then lost a close one to SMU. In short Tulsa is capable of winning this game and I sincerely hope they do. One less team clogging up the teens in the BCS rankings.

UCONN at Cincy- I figure UCONN is due for an emotional win. They lost a teammate in a tragic accident two weeks ago and they have suffered two tough losses since. They are due for a big win and Cincy is a perfect team to pick it up against. They are big underdogs but I’m thinking the Huskies take Cincy to the wire on Saturday and perhaps pull the upset.

Oklahoma at Nebraska- I’m mostly curious to see how Nebraska responds here. The Big 12 North is an absolute mess at this point but Nebraska is still the most talented team in the division. Will they get back on the horse or get run over here? Getting back on the horse isn’t likely but I’ll keep an eye on it just in case.