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Week 9 Wrap Up- Shaping Up

There was a pretty short list of intriguing games this weekend but the few that there were shed a fair amount of light on the BCS picture heading into November. I’ll post my thoughts on that later. As for that handful of games here is how they turned out.

North Carolina 20 at Virginia Tech 17- After a pretty hot start the Hokies now find themselves in a bit of a tailspin. After getting beat by Georgia Tech two weeks ago they came into this one off of a bye week and subsequently screwed around and lost. I’ll be curious to see where they go from here.

West Virginia 19 at USF 30- West Virginia came into this one with a quiet 6-1 record while South Florida was coming off of back to back losses to Cincy and Pitt. West Virginia squandered an early lead then fought back within a point in the third quarter before USF pulled away for good. Both of these teams will likely end up with 8-9 wins and go to decent bowl games but neither is by any stretch a world beater.

Georgia 17 at Florida 41- Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes is a nasty dude. He opened this game up last year by delivering one of the best hits of the season on Knowshon Moreno and followed that up this year by just trying to gouge Washaun Ealy’s eyes out in the pile. Brutal. Now that the incident is all over the internet it will be very interesting to see if the SEC steps in and lays down any kind of punishment since Urban Meyer stated that he will "have a very serious talk with him." I’m not sure that will cut it in this case. Outside of Spikes going mideival on dudes the Florida defense was dominant and the game was never in question. Riley Cooper continues to summon the ghost of Chris Doering and Tim Tebow looked a lot more like his former self. Anything can happen down the stretch but as of now it appears that the Gators remain on a collision course with Bama in the SEC Championship with a title shot on the line.

Kansas 21 at Texas Tech 42- As predicted Mike Leach and company bounced back from losing big to one of the worst teams in the Big 12 by beating up Kansas. I guess "fat little girlfriends" comments provided the intended motivation.

Washington State 14 at Notre Dame 40- This was a comfortable win for the Irish which was a nice change of pace after the last six games. I already wrote this one up at length so please scroll down a post if you haven’t already.

South Carolina 13 at Tennessee 31- Check out Lane Kiffin. Tennessee is quietly having a pretty decent season.

USC 20 at Oregon 47- What happened to the USC defense? For the first time in forever it looks like the Trojans could be on the outside looking in come BCS time. As for Oregon they looked very good Saturday night and after watching Iowa I would be willing to Take Oregon over the Hawkeyes with a 3 TD spread in the Rose Bowl.

Texas 41 at Oklahoma State 14- Texas looks as good as anyone in the country right now. The Horns are really coming together at the right time of the year with a relatively obstacle free path to the BCS Championship Game. They have UCF, Kansas, Baylor and Texas A&M; remaining and they’ll draw a decided underdog opponent from the Big 12 North in the Big 12 Championship Game. BCS officials are keeping their fingers crossed that the Horns, Gators and Tide all roll into Championship Saturday December 5th. They could use a season without BCS controversy.