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The week in news- Refunds, Trojans and Stage Diving

Oregon coach Chip Kelly sent a disgruntled fan a refund for the money he spent traveling to watch the Ducks get waxed by Boise State. Maybe he gets paid extra every time the Ducks wear an extra uniform combo. Supposedly they are busting out some throwbacks this weekend. I wonder how much the Ducks spend on helmets every year?

Les Miles says he's not qualified to vote in the coaches poll.
"I can't tell you who the best teams in the country are, because frankly I don't get to see them every week," he said. "I don't know who's hot and who's not. I could no more rank ..."
At that point Miles caught himself and slammed it into reverse. Nice work.

The LA Times is all over Pete Carroll in the wake of the USC quarterback issues and asks the most obvious question I haven't heard in a little while. Why not Mitch Mustain? He looked better than both of the current USC QB's when he was a freshman at Arkansas. The article makes it sound like USC doesn’t want anyone asking that question. Meanwhile freshman Matt Barkley is back on to start this weekend at Cal.

The Huskers took their last second loss at Lane Stadium last week pretty hard. From a guy that was there that was a rough one to take. They’ll shake it off this weekend when they return home to their 300th consecutive sellout.

Meanwhile Hokie defensive coordinator Bud Foster is publicly calling his run defense "embarrassing." Perhaps that will inspire them to shut down the Canes this weekend. After a 2-0 start Miami QB Jacory Harris says "the bandwagon is closed." Since every other QB on the roster transferred the bandwagon might be short lived if Harris goes down. So long as Harris is in the mix Luther Campbell can knock the dust off of those legendary 80's post game parties and start planning a 2 Live Crew reunion tour.

The College Football Hall of Fame is leaving South Bend for Atlanta in 2012. Lame.

The Big Ten has suspended Purdue OG Zach Reckman for Saturday’s game against Notre Dame. The Jonas Mouton non-call from the Notre Dame Michigan game has now come full circle. Rodriguez whined about Mouton being singled out and the conference spread the love. I'll take it.
Joe Montana doesn’t like the spread. He seems to think it keeps kids from making the jump to the NFL. Craziness.

Armando Allen will be a game time decision this Saturday when the Irish travel to Purdue. I hadn’t caught that yet when I posted my IBG responses last night. It will be interesting to see how Coach Weis utilizes Jonas Gray, Robert Hughes and Theo Riddick in his absence. That's the good news, those are all talented backs that will be filling in. None of them are as solid as Allen but collectively they should be able to get the job done. Particularly against a porous Boiler run defense.

Golden Tate is getting some serious press off of his stage dive into the Michigan State band last Saturday. I already threw my two cents in on this one, just scroll down to the IBG post. The very short version is I've almost come full circle. Almost.

Check out Subway Domer's new digs if you haven't already. He is inching closer to the big time over there. Nice work.