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The week in news- Sooners, Swine Flu and Sagarin

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Going with the rapid fire version this week.

Oklahoma has bigger problems than their green offensive line. Bradford is banged up and won’t play for a few weeks and now Jermaine Gresham is officially out for the season. I feel bad for both kids, I hope they heal up and still get to the next level. In the mean time Big Game Bob has his hands full.

Nick Saban is now even richer. Perhaps he’ll stay at Bama for the long haul.

Terrelle Pryor had some interesting things to say about Mike Vick on the back side of his eye black tribute to the Eagles Quarterback last Saturday.
"Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everyone does -- kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance."

There are tons of stories out there about players missing games this weekend with the H1N1 virus a.k.a. "Swine Flu." If your team is missing a couple of players tomorrow, this could be why.

Southern Miss Wide Receiver DeAndre Brown is back in the mix this Saturday. Good to see it. This kid is a beast.

The Sagarin ratings are back on the street. Want to make your head explode? Try and make sense out of these bad boys. Oklahoma #3, Texas #7. Say what?

Have you been introduced to Michigan’s new Freshman Quarterback. Check out but be sure to do it before you eat.

The Irish picked up a commitment from Running Back Cameron Roberson this week. Subway Domer has the details.

It’s Michigan Week! The biggest game at my house Saturday is the one happening at the Big House. All of the ND blogs linked in my right side bar have been blowing up all week so if you still crave more info they've got you covered. I had too much going on this week to get to everything I wanted to here but I will be laying down a steady stream of Tweets tomorrow while the games are on. You can catch those in the upper right side bar or HERE. Is it time to kick off yet?