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2009 NCAA Football TV Schedules

For those of you out there that are already trying to figure out whether or not the games you want to see will be on TV when the season kicks off next weekend here are some great resources that you can use throughout the season. Longhorn Mike turned me on to a few years back and I swear by it. Just click on the respective week and all the games listed with their respective networks so that you can cross reference them with your respective cable or satellite package. In addition the guy that runs also has great comprehensive schedules. I also posted Simon on Sports 2009 NCAA Football Helmet Schedule back in May but if you haven't downloaded it yet you need to. It is another great piece of gear to track throughout the season. I have added a new section of links down on the right side bar under "2009 Game and TV Schedules" where all of these links will permanently reside for quick reference every week. Best of luck to your teams in 2009. It's almost here!