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What's going on around here?

I just wanted to give the regulars a quick update on where this train is headed. I explained it this way a few months ago and that still remains the same with a couple of extra bells and whistles. Now that have a fair number of posts on here I added a search box in the right side bar. That way you (and me) can easily find stuff I said two months ago quickly and easily. I also added a Twitter feed in the right side bar. I will most likely drop random quick hits there during the week, but I primarily did it so that I will be able to post quick thoughts and observations while watching games. Speaking of watching games I almost have the road show nailed down. I just moved back to the D.C. area which gives me an opportunity to check out a couple of new venues which I really like doing. Barring unforeseen circumstances I will definitely be at VT vs. Nebraska in Blacksburg, ND vs. Boston College in South Bend and ND vs. Pitt in Pittsburgh. I'm also working a Navy home game, a Virginia home game and possibly an additional VT home game. It gets tricky because I can't stand not watching the ND games live so I have to deconflict my travels with ND kickoff times to the max extent possible. I also really like spending some Saturdays at home with my own groceries, my own case, 2 TVs and no line for the bathroom. Life is all about choices.

Back to what's going on around here. I'll be finishing up the OFD 2009 Preseason Preview over the course of the next week with the Non-BCS Conferences and of course Notre Dame as the finale. Expect the short version on the Non-BCS Conferences with a focus on potential BCS Busters and prospective bowl teams. Back to the question I most often get via email. Is this a Notre Dame blog or a College Football Blog? Again it is both. Does it matter? Technically I suppose you could call it a college football blog with a Notre Dame emphasis. It has been a little light on the ND lately as things have been very quiet in South Bend. OC Domer said it best so I'll leave that to him. I'm a Notre Dame fan but I'm also a huge fan of college football in general. I try to keep up with all the teams and I love to watch good games and talk college football with fans of every team. I will continue to try and provide objective commentary on everyone. Once I wrap up the Preseason Preview I will keep an eye on fall camp and update my thoughts on all the ND position groups as well as general news from around the country. Once we roll into September I'll talk about all the big games every week which will always include Notre Dame. I'll throw out predictions before and examine how it shook out after. In between I'll keep up with assorted news from around the country and I'm also working a couple of other things you might find interesting. In the mean time you can also expect a few more updates to the links in the right side bar (suggestions welcome via email) and some other minor aesthetic changes. As always thanks for stopping by and don't hesitate to shoot me an email or leave a comment.