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NCAA Football 10- Another Preseason Milestone

NCAA Football 10 will hit the shelves on Tuesday. Over the years I have found the EA Sports NCAA Football video game series to be a pretty good way to help get through the last few weeks of the preseason. I generally find that I play the game the most between the release date and the start of the actual season itself when I finally have real games to watch. I have been a junkie for football video games since I first dropped a 9 volt into LED football. Having played football video games throughout their evolution I can say these modern day versions are pretty unbelievable. Mixing it up with USC at Notre Dame Stadium in full HD with the surround sound turned up to Mach 10 is pretty much crack to me. If I want to I can even get online and get smoked by some 10 year old on the other side of the country. I have to say that with everything else I've had going on this summer this hasn't been on my radar at its usual level but I'll probably pick up a copy this week nonetheless. I doubt I'll play this installment quite as much as I have in the past now that my college football habit has led me to pontificating here on OFD in my spare time. That said I am sure I will still at least squeeze in time to play the entire Notre Dame schedule prior to the season kicking off. Playing the season out always gives me a better feel for opponents rosters etc. As stupid as it sounds the game is great for that sort of thing. Don't tell Sam Keller! By the way the sight of Armando Allen taking a kick to the house against the Trojans is a thing of pure beauty, now if he can just do it in real life!