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The week in news- Aggie Academics, Cheap Seats and the ND Bandwagon has taken a page out of former "Wrecking Crew" DC Bob Davie’s playbook and has taken to using academics as the reason they can’t recruit top line players to field a competitive team. Strange how this excuse only rears its ugly head when teams are losing. The R.C. Slocum quote about "Choking Chickens" did make me laugh though.

Fresh off of losing QB Dominique Davis to academic issues Boston College signed a 25 year old former minor league baseball player to fill the void. Could this be a Chris Weinke repeat? I doubt it but we’ll see how it works out.

Losers With Socks has a very entertaining post about the 12 and under camp at Tennessee this week. It’s a little over the top but good for a few laughs. I'm looking forward to seeing "Ice" Wilson in eight years.

Since I'm on the Vols the WWL ran a segment on Outside the Lines last Sunday about Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin that focused on his recent transgressions to include a handful of secondary recruiting violations. My takeaway from the interviews is that Kiffin is going with the "any publicity is good publicity" philosophy. Interestingly enough the OTL piece itself is potentially now a violation as it showed Kiffin meeting with recruits.

Interestingly enough Sports Illustrated writer Andy Staples actually agrees with Kiffin’s strategy.

The Wiz of Odds has an interesting post up this week on the prices of new premium seats at Cal. So much for the cheap seats. For a cool $225,000 you can get prime season tickets at California Memorial Stadium. With six home games in 2009 that's $37,500 per seat for each game. For that kind of cash I better get to suit up and play a couple of snaps. The crazier part is that some fans are shelling it out. All of this to raise money to save the crumbling old stadium. I wonder if the tree people will come back when they start working on it? I obviously went somewhere horribly wrong in life. I need to get to the point where 225k for season tickets sounds like a good idea.

Former Arizona State and Nebraska QB Sam Keller took some more lumps this week as he continues his quest to sue EA Sports for using the "likeness" of college football players in their NCAA Football video game series. This time Pitchfork Nation and former Michigan State QB, and current Detroit Lions backup, Drew Stanton pile on. I still expect Keller to be hunted down and destroyed by an army of angry gamers should he end up affecting the game in any way.

The end result of the NCAA investigation into the Alabama textbook scandal is that Bama will vacate 21 wins that fell between 2005-2007, and serve three years of probation. They will also have to pay a $43,900 fine. Can they just buy a single ticket to a Cal game and call it good? This whole affair is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things and Bama has a good chance of getting those wins back through the appeals process. After all Oklahoma got theirs back through the appeals process after the Big Red Motor Sports scandal that ousted QB Rhett Bomar. Meanwhile the LA Times blasted USC leadership for their lack of action during their ongoing NCAA investigation.

Dr. Saturday gave Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis a little critiquing on his usage of Twitter to this point and suggests he should start a blog instead. I would read it. Hell I'd pay for a subscription. I'd love to know more about what he's thinking.

Notre Dame is working through Pep Rally options due to the fact that the Joyce Center, where they are typically held, will be undergoing renovations this fall. They could really do something cool with this and have them at a different place of significance on campus each week. Just set up a stage for the team and let whoever wants to walk up and get fired up. It will never happen but it sounds fun.

In recruiting news Notre Dame received a commitment from Wide Receiver Bennett Jackson this week. The great Subway Domer has a solid write up and some video on the future slot receiver. I’m always happy to see good kids committing to ND but I’ll get excited when this class picks up a herd of offensive and defensive linemen. To state the obvious it all hinges on performance on the field this fall. Meanwhile We Is Notre Dame has an equally great write up on the choice of young Nick Montana to commit to Washington. I completely agree with their perspective and could not have said it better myself. Nice work all around gents.

The Orlando Sentinel graciously included Notre Dame in their newest list of teams they love to hate. Shocker. So is the plight of the Irish. People either love them or hate them. few are indifferent. On that note.....

The World Wide Leader jumped on the Irish bandwagon this week and predicted a great season for Notre Dame in 2009. Interesting twist as they were all over how terrible they were in 2007 and 2008. Good, bad or middle of the road the Irish remain relevant. You have to have an "Insider" account to r
ead the whole article but the very short version is that they compared Clausen’s numbers to Matthew Stafford's after his Sophomore year at Georgia and the 2008 Notre Dame team to the 2007 Alabama team noting many similarities on both counts. I wonder if Mark May approved this article?