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2009 NFL Draft- Spreadsheet Madness

As a full bore college football fan I'm not real interested where the players that got drafted last weekend are headed. I'll keep an eye on them but I don't follow the NFL anywhere near as closely as I follow the college game. No offense to any NFL fanatics that might be kicking it on OFD today, I just prefer College Football Saturdays. With that said I am interested in where those players came from. In many ways it can shed some light on things that you might not have noticed over the past season. In other cases it just makes you wonder what the hell these overpaid teams of draft gurus are thinking. Like any large pile of raw data I generally have to slap it into some kind of a spreadsheet and nug it around before I can begin to make any real sense of it. So that's exactly what I did. Follow the link below if you are so inclined.

This view of the draft by individual school and conference ties into the 2009 National Talent Analysis series of posts I did back in February & March. That one looked at the talent levels teams and Conferences will have heading into 2009, this one takes a look at what type of upper crust talent just walked out the door. If you are interested in the 2009 Talent Analysis series of posts you can find it HERE (suggest you start at the bottom on that one if you want the full meal deal). With that one I went through all the BCS Conferences and capped it off with an ND case study. Nerdery of the highest order. Here are a few quick hits from the NFL Draft Spreadsheet. In short these are the BCS Conferences and the number of players each Conference had drafted. In parenthesis is the team from that conference with the most draftees. The small conferences were all 1's and 2's. This does not take into account FCS School players or Free Agent Signees. I'll comment further on this over the next few days.

37 SEC (South Carolina 7)
32 Pac 10 (USC 11/ Check out the State of Oregon as well)
31 ACC (Maryland 5/ UNC 5)
28 Big XII (Mizzu 6) What no OU or Texas?
28 Big 10 (Ohio State 7)
27 Big East (Cincy 6) Yes really....
16 Mountain West (TCU 5)
10 WAC
1 Sun Belt