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Game Day!

Sort of..... It doesn't quite have all the makings of a true college football Saturday during the season but it is interesting none the less. There are several spring games around the country today but I'm personally the most interested in the one taking place at Notre Dame Stadium. So do these games really tell you anything? Definitely a debatable subject but in regards to the Irish in particular I'm hoping to find out whether or not the perspective I threw out there with my Irish Depth Analysis series has any obvious holes or new surprises.

Another thing I'm really interested to get a look at is the special teams play. That is assuming of course I see any. Back to that in a minute. I got a great comment from a reader this week who said he was hoping I was going to do a special teams analysis. I had honestly thought about it then decided not to for a couple of reasons. One there is little to no news out of spring camp regarding the special teams. Two even if there were more news special teams are very difficult to quantify with the exception of the specialists themselves (kickers, punters) etc. At the end of the day I really need to see the special teams get out there and do their thing to form an opinion. With the current construct of the Blue-Gold Game format I'm not even 100% sure we'll see much if any of the special teams. I'm also hoping posts all the action game film style like they did last year. I'm a big fan of watching the plays multiple times which is easy when it's televised and you can DVR it. I'll be hoping they do. Enjoy the day!