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The week in news- Trials of Mitch, Pirate Academics and aPoint Guard

Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain is getting no love from Sneaky Pete in the USC Quarterback competition. Despite the rumors that the NCAA could potentially drop the hammer on Pete's continued reign of shadiness he has debunked my assertion that he fears the craziest mom in all of college football. To date Mustain has pissed away an opportunity to play for Charlie Weis by playing indecisive 17 year old superstar, then bolted from Arkansas after starting as a freshman because he got his feelings hurt. The end result is that he will most likely spend 2009 holding a clip board on the USC sidelines and watching highlights of Jimmy Clausen and Ryan Mallett on Sports Center while wondering how it all went so horribly wrong for him. I hope he's at least taking advantage of the free education because the Matt Cassell route is looking less likely by the hour.

Part of me thinks the Dread Pirate Mike Leach is insane but I can't help that I'm slightly fascinated with the guy. Despite his random quirkiness Leach is taking a hard line with his players on academics that I find commendable. On Mondy he suspended his best defensive lineman McKinner Dixon indefinitely for academic issues. There is something to be said for that. Of course he threw out this classic quote on the issue. "We’ve got 130 people out there,’’ Leach said. "I’m getting sick and tired of wasting time on a handful of people who can’t do what they’re told. It’s like the 95-5 (idea): You spend 95 percent of your time on 5 percent of your players. Baloney. I’m not doing that.’’

Dick Rod has reached a point of such desperation for a Quarterback that he's now trying to snag a Duke Point Guard to come in and take the position. Every time I think about Dick Rod at Michigan I wonder if he has a Terrelle Pryor voodoo doll at his home that he curses and tortures. Never has one coach lost a recruiting battle that was such an obvious blow to his potential success.

There are several spring games this weekend to include the one I'll be watching most closely in South Bend. Much has been written this week about the Charlie Weis comments regarding his potentially leaving ND after last season. My take is that it is much ado about nothing. The regular season ended badly, it was obvious he was on the hot seat and of course he consulted his family and gave some thought to his options. Who wouldn't? Bottom line is that he's still there and I think before all is said and done Charlie will have the last laugh.

Someone finally broke ranks with the World Wide Leader and went rogue against the Tim Tebow Love festival/ nationally televised Heisman campaign we are all about to endure this fall. Funny stuff.