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The week in news- The Force, The Pirate and Koli KoliPass

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There are some strange dealings afoot at Webfoot U. Apparently new Oregon front man Chip Kelly made an attempt at hiring none other than Jon Gruden as his OC. Oddly he didn't take the job. Did they really think he would? Seriously? I personally think that Gruden is going to spend this year doing countless heinous things to his Charlie Weis voodoo doll in hopes that a shot at the Golden Dome comes his way this December but I don't think that is going to pan out for him. He will most likely be back in the NFL a year from now.

Dennis Dodd of all people thinks Dick Rod should use pipsqueak freshman Tate "The Force" Forcier at QB. I rarely agree with Dodd but in this case I'll make an exception. Sounds like a great idea to me Dennis, I hope West Virginia's favorite son is all ears. In all honesty I'm still just happy that Terrelle Pryor got Jedi mind tricked by sweatervest Jim Tressel into going to Ohio State.

Jack Elway decided that attempting to follow in his old man's footsteps probably wasn't going to work out quite like it did for the Manning brothers and subsequently decided to hang it up. Good on him, trying to live up to that hype while listening to a guy as crazy as Dennis Erickson had to be rough.

The Dread Pirate Mike Leach is hands down the most quotable coach in college football. He threw this gem out after Friday's practice. "That’s why you have practice,’’ Leach said later about Jeffers’ day. "It’s like churches. You have churches for people that sin. You have practice for people that aren’t perfect players.’’ I don't know what will ultimately become of Leach but I find him to be one of the most interesting personalities in the game.

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl was ecstatic to luck their way into picking up the beleaguered Fighting Irish to face off with the home town (Rainbow) Warriors in December of 2008. The increased TV ratings, and general buzz surrounding what is typically and extra home game for Vili the Warrior's crew made the game much more profitable for them than in years past. Ubertool Kirk Herbstreit even picked the Warriors in a runaway on national television. The Hawaii Bowl Committee couldn't believe their good fortune right up to some time midway through the second quarter when it became readily apparent that the Irish were going to close out a rough season by run ruling their beloved Rainbows. In an effort to avoid a repeat beat down they just signed a new deal to bring out a CUSA team this December. Maybe Rice will get distracted by a luau and and some sightseeing at Koli Koli pass.