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The week in news- Turf For Sale, Cold Homework and WeisStuff

After one year at the helm in Lincoln Bo Pelini signed a contract extension through 2014. I think this is a strong move on the Huskers part. Pelini "gets" the Husker culture and they love him there. This is a good thing for both parties and I expect the Big Red Machine to reclaim its dominance of the Big 12 North perhaps as soon as 2009. Whether or not they get back to the point where they pose a legitimate threat to OU and Texas for the conference title is still TBD.

Horn fans are among the most fanatical in all of college football. Not only will they show up in force for the Texas Spring Football Jamboree a.k.a. the Orange-White Scrimmage they'll shell out cash to buy pieces of the turf after the game. I suppose most of them will take it home and actually plant it in their own yards. "Buddy you see that spot of grass right there in my front yard." "No that one right there." "Colt McCoy once took a snap with his left foot on that piece of grass." Only in college football.
The quirkiness of The Dread Pirate Mike Leach knows no bounds. Receiver Edward Britton was running into some academic issues so Leach held him out of practice and made him sit out on the 50 yard line to study in the cold. Literally.
Last fall I watched B.J. Raji dominate the line of scrimmage against ND throughout a truly ugly game in Chestnut Hill. Apparently he was either high or had some help while doing it. Nice multi million dollar mistake B.J.
The Danny Hope transition at Purdue just took another stunning blow to the larnyx. QB Justin Siller just got tossed out of school for academic issues. I thought that as a dual threat Siller might actually develop into a decent option for the Boilers back there. With this thrown on top of the other challenges they have I think Purdue is about to take a serious nose dive to the bottom of the Big 10.
Charlie Weis let Ivan Maisel inside the wire for a couple of days recently which resulted in a very interesting article. There's a lot of pretty good intel in the piece for ND fans.
The guys over at The Blue-Gray Sky put up a post this week breaking down "The Devolution" of the Notre Dame Offense over the last few seasons. In all seriousness it is the most interesting football article I have read in quite some time. It is a must read for any ND Fan and I think most Non-ND fans that are students of the game would also find it highly interesting.
Sneaky Pete's reign of shadiness took another shot this week as broken down by the Daily Shillelagh. Every time something like this comes up I get temporarily hopeful that Pete's run will finally go down in flames. Then I remember that his skin is made of 100% pure Kevlar. Here's to hoping that he at least he keeps a habit of dropping at least one game a year that he shouldn't.
This last one is nothing more than a website that would make any Michigan Fan proud. If you know one be sure and send them the link.