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ND Spring Practice Report- Lingering Question

Last week I talked about the questions that I had going into the spring. Scroll down a few posts if you want the long version but the short version is that I really only had one big one remaining. Is this quality depth I'm expecting to see really there? Will all these Scout and Rivals star rankings finally manifest themselves into a deep and formidable football team? I've spent the last week reading every article and watching every video I can find in an attempt to answer that question. I think I'm finally there and the answer is yes on both sides of the ball. There are some positions groups that are deeper and stronger than others but which one makes up the Irish Center of Gravity and which is its Critical Vulnerability? There is no way to do it justice without breaking down each position group individually so over the course of the next few days I'll do just that for both the offense and defense. In the mean time there is one very important thing all Irish fans should be mindful of. Brian Smith is a seriously bad mofo that will absolutely terrorize opponents for the next two years.