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The week in news- The Rod, Congress and The Promise

Notre Dame is hosting its annual Coaches Clinic this weekend and will also allow extra media coverage during Saturday's practice. One can expect that there will be a slew of "inside info" and plenty of video featuring Irish players doing assorted drills permeating the world wide web by sundown on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. It will be the closest thing I've had to a football Saturday in a while. I'll start in on my two cents about how I see the depth chart shaking out shortly thereafter. Elsewhere in college football.....

The trials and tribulations of The Rod continue in Ann Arbor as QB Nick Sheridan went hard down this week with a broken leg. In reality I don't think this will have any actual impact to the program but it is entertaining to comment on the plight of The Rod any time the opportunity presents itself. Freshman Tate "Feel the Force" Forcier seems to have the inside track on claiming the spot despite the fact that he's been on campus for 10 minutes and appears to weigh no more than 150lbs soaking wet. The Rod also has a few other assorted straphangers in the mix and another freshman candidate Denard Robinson inbound this summer. Regardless he needs the ghost of Pat White to jump into one of these kids ricky tick or he might find himself getting run out of Ann Arbor in short order.

Congress plans on taking some time out to look into this madness we call the BCS. Obviously there is nothing more important happening these days that they need to focus on. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is allegedly leading the charge as his Utah Utes are still feeling slighted by their denied shot at a BCS National Championship a couple of months back. I'll save my full blown diatribe on a playoff system for another day when I really want to rant. In the mean time all Utah fans should tell Senator Hatch to get back to work and rather than cry about the BCS focus on mourning the graduation of Kicker/ Punter extraordinaire Louie Sakoda. That kid was cash money. Why can't Charlie Weis dig up a kicker like that?

I'm a huge college football fan that appreciates most anything related to the history and tradition surrounding the game. I enjoy traveling to various stadiums and campuses and taking in all they have to offer. Despite that I'm having a hard time grasping this one. Florida put up a plaque on their new football facility titled "The Promise" turning Tim Tebow's post game press conference speech following the Ole Miss loss last season into a permanent steel fixture on the program. There's a couple of things about this that bother me. For starters the kid is still playing there. A few years down the road would be more appropriate. Second did they intentionally try and come up with the weakest title they could think of? Seriously "The Promise" is the best thing they could come up with? Promises are for school girls. Why not call it "Declaration of an ass kicker" or something like that. At least try to make it sound cool.