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The week in news- Vacating Wins, Defending Insanity andNotre Dame version 5.0

Bobby Bowden's attempt to hang on to the 14 wins he's been ordered to vacate isn't going so good. How sad, now retire already.

Boy Kiffin has apparently Jedi Mind Tricked Dennis Dodd into believing there's some kind of master plan behind all of the crazy stuff he's been doing this off season. I'll be interested to see how smart he thinks he is when Urban Meyer mercilessly hangs a minimum of 60 points on his ass come September.

There's also a handful of stories out there about various players around the country getting in trouble etc. Enough already.
On Friday Charlie Weis unveiled version 5.0 of his master plan for world domination at Notre Dame. I think its all going to come together for the embattled Irish front man this fall. I'll expound on that hypothesis in the next couple of days.