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Boy Kiffin Drama Junkie

The ludicrous recruiting saga of Kansas running back Bryce Brown has finally come to an end at the doorstep of none other than Boy Kiffin. Perfect. I've already gone off about this more than once most notably here and here so I'll keep it short. Kudos to Randy Shannon and Miami for not playing into this BS and pulling Brown's offer when he and his shady as hell advisor guy dropped the hammer on the crazy train and blew past signing day. As for Boy Kiffin, he's apparently addicted to drama. Just in case Kiffin and his sidekick Orgeron can't generate enough drama themselves they'll have this kid as a fail safe. Miami got this one right. The recruiting fanfare, message boards, hat dance ceremonies etc. are already spiraling out of control. This Terrelle Pryor trend of playing 18 year old famous guy for an extra month or two past signing day needs to get shut down ASAP. Unless this kid turns out to be that once a decade back like Adrian Peterson his career will be a disappointment. It is ultimately bad for the kids themselves and bad for college football. Good luck Vols, you are going to need it.