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The week in news- Pumping Gas, Webfoot U and Mojo

If nothing else Boy Kiffin has been entertaining as all hell this off season. In his latest escapade South Carolina commit Alshon Jeffery claims that Kiffin told him that if he went to South Carolina he'd end up pumping gas the rest of his life. I have to admit that is actually pretty damn funny.

Jamar Hornsby is truly a genius. First he gets tossed by Florida for using the credit card of a dead girl, now he's roughing people up with brass knuckles in the drive through of Mickey D's. Nice work buddy.

Demetrius Jones was the QB at Notre Dame for exactly two quarters to start 2007 and shortly thereafter transferred to Cincinnati in semi-dramatic fashion when he realized his loss of the starting job was likely permanent. That's all working out exactly the way he planned it.

Mike Bellotti has resigned as the head coach at Webfoot U and will take over as the Athletic Director. Previously named Head Coach in waiting Chip Kelly will take over.
Big news out of West Texas this week and it has nothing to do with Mike Leach or Texas Tech. In the late 80's the Odessa Permian Panthers were in the height of their reign as a Texas High School Football powerhouse. Coach Gary Gaines became famous after their 1988 season was chronicled in the book "Friday Night Lights" and Billy Bob Thornton played Gaines when the movie came out years later. He's been bouncing around for the last 18 years or so but this week it was announced he's going back to Permian. I have an image in my head of assorted Silverados and F-150's tearing up and down the drag in Odessa with their occupants shouting "Mojo" out the windows in celebration.