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The week in news- Rule Breakers, Wild Boyz and HardassAssistants

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Arkansas QB and Michigan Transfer Ryan Mallett managed to get pinched for public intoxication. He'll likely still be running Petrino's offense come September.

The Crimson Tide are wading through a textbook scandal. The fact that this has any traction with the NCAA while nothing has yet to come of the Reggie Bush affair at USC is comical.

Maruice Clarett is alive and well in jail and wants to mentor you. He's started his own blog with the intent of doing just that. Seriously.

The marathon victories finish between Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden could potentially suffer a major setback as a result of the Florida State online music course cheating scandal. Joe Pa is at home pouring a stiffy right now to celebrate his good fortune, but remains stymied by the internet and the fact you can take classes on line.

Boy Kiffin is back in the news this week after bringing the USC Wild Boyz routine to Tennessee's junior day. I'm guessing Monte elected not to participate due to age and used the time back in the office convincing himself he can stop Florida with the Tampa 2.

Speaking of Florida Gator Fans you are in luck. Very soon you might be able to bury yourself at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The Mountain West is still bitter about the BCS and has submitted an 8 team playoff proposal to the NCAA as a result. They even got congress to weigh in. Doesn't congress have plenty of more important things to do? Just asking. As for the Mountain West, I appreciate where they are coming from but this is an issue that has no end. If you go to an 8 team playoff there will be controversy about leaving out 9 and 10. Then there will be controversy over how the 8 get picked. The SEC & Big 12 will argue their #4 teams are better than Big East #1. etc. etc. The arguments go on for infinity. Just deal with it.
Notre Dame finally got around to formally announcing the hiring of long time Washington Defensive Line Coach Randy Hart. Hart has a reputation for being an old school hardass which is an injection the Irish need. I expect Hart coupled with Bryant Young as a grad assistant will have the Irish Defensive Line playing like a band of pissed off Uruk Hai come September.