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The week in news- Oversigning, BCS Classes and CashMoney

Throughout the Talent Analysis series I made mention of Oversigning and perhaps even mentioned the prevalence of said practice in the SEC. Well if those bastards at Sports Illustrated didn't get all inspired and go ripping me off! Jokes of course, but Andy Staples did crank out out this highly interesting article about the practice.

Apparently its already spring in Austin Texas. It seems like just yesterday that I saw Quan Cosby get six to win the Fiesta Bowl crushing the hearts of the Ohio State faithful. I have to say that of all the college football games I've seen live that one was up there on the quality meter. In about 5 minutes of real time the Ohio State fans went from berserk and obnoxious to having their souls completely and utterly crushed. I almost felt bad for them. Almost. Now back in the modern day Mack Brown is apparently still annoyed enough about the BCS that he had some BCS "Guru" come give him classes on it. Instead he should probably focus on his secondary pushing dudes out of bounds at the 10! Viva Graham Harrell "Weeee juuuuust caaaallll that play sseeeeeeexxxxx, and I threeeeew it up ta' old Crab."

Now official, the University of Southern California has sold its soul to the devil! But one has to acknowledge the skills of their rivals so I have to say Sneaky Pete deserves every penny that dirty cheating bastard! Despite his evil genius I think Snoop's buddy might be in store for the biggest challenge of his career in the coming months and its probably something that hasn't even ocurred to you yet. I'll save that jewel of a hypothesis for a later date.