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The week in news- Contracts, Shady Agents and SlanderWolverine Style

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After much debate and a plethora of ridiculous drama Texas Tech finally came to terms with the most successful head football coach in the school's esteemed gridiron history. Hats off to Tech despite their best efforts they actually avoided screwing this one up. Now if they'd just make the Dread Pirate hire a top line defensive coordinator they might really jump from pretender to contender. Lubbock party stores just ran out of pirate costumes and assorted paraphernalia as a result of the news.

I posted about this after signing day but this "Pryor" business with super recruit running back Bryce Brown is rapidly spiraling into stratospheric ridiculousness. There is so much about this whole scenario that is screwed up I can't even begin to start digging into it without getting completely annoyed. I sincerely hope that the Canes told this kid to pack sand. If he's "committed" to Miami he should have signed with every other Miami commit on signing day. This whole situation reeks, and his scumbag "advisor" is right in the thick of it. If Brown ends up with Boy Kiffin and his crew of flunkies at Tennessee this will end perfectly.

The Michigan exodus continues as do the kicks in the ass on the way out the door. Despite the fact that its probably true it might be a little classier if they'd just say something along the lines of "we appreciate you dedicating a year of your life to getting your brains beat in while attempting to run an offense you never came here to run in the first place." In similar fashion Dick Rod himself put the damaged goods label on transferring running back Sam McGuffie when he left after the season ended. Classy.